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  • VMware learns from its mistakes with VMware on AWS partnership

    Although the details surrounding the VMware-AWS partnership remain hazy, the deal does shed some light on VMware's hybrid cloud aspirations and long-term strategy. Continue Reading

  • The API industry drives enterprise collaboration

    Enterprises aiming to improve their bottom line face a new API industry to help them achieve their goals. While in the past APIs were a nice thing to have, today they reach beyond technology and have become an integral business component.

    In this API industry, organizations must be sure they are targeting internal and external developers, incorporating APIs into their digital strategy and collaborating with vendors to meet business needs. In this edition of Network Evolution, we explore how the API industry is helping enterprises seek better ways to reach their audiences and fulfill business needs.

    We also examine how network infrastructure is facing its own shifting landscape. Enterprises are looking at ways to borrow the best hyperscale techniques of massive networks built by the likes of Google and Amazon to enhance their own infrastructure design. There's even a name for the smaller enterprises building effective designs on a smaller scale: Meet the new "webscaler."

    Finally, Odessa Medical Health Center is making strides toward 100% network uptime by using dark fiber services in this month's Subnet.

     Continue Reading

  • IBM's cloud vision prioritizes platform, but future remains fuzzy

    Some doubt IBM will ever catch up to AWS' dominance in the IaaS market. But, given Big Blue's growing emphasis on Bluemix platform services, maybe it doesn't need to. Continue Reading

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