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  • Epic Systems Corp.

    Epic Systems Corp. is the market leader in electronic health records (EHR) technology and also sells population health management software. The privately held company is among the most criticized health IT vendors, yet its success is clear with more than 190 million users. Continue Reading

  • Apple-Epic-IBM intent on dominating mHealth market

    IBM has jumped into an enterprise mobility deal with Epic and Apple that aims to bring more consumer health data to providers. Continue Reading

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  • Picking EHR vendor winners with CMS' meaningful use attestation data set

    In this special edition issue of Pulse, SearchHealthIT takes an exhaustive look at the Centers for Medicaid and Medicaid Services' (CMS) May 30 meaningful use attestation data set. And with more than 600,000 hospitals and physicians attested to meaningfully using ONC-certified EHRs, that's a whole lot of information. Don't worry: We've compiled all that data into three easy-to-digest articles, with a focus on the many surprises buried inside.

    SearchHealthIT executive editor Don Fluckinger and Hannah Pullen-Blasnik, a former editorial assistant at TechTarget, kick things off with a hard look at the top vendors providing software and services to earn those meaningful-use incentives. Fluckinger and Pullen-Blasnik list 23 things readers might not know about the EHR vendors behind the attesters. Next, Pullen-Blasnik breaks down state-by-state data to reveal which vendors dominate which U.S. states. In our final piece, Fluckinger returns with 19 more vendor market-share slices from the CMS data set. He also offers up a few thoughts regarding Cerner's recent $1.3 billion acquisition of Siemens' health IT division -- and how those vendor rankings may stack up next year. Continue Reading

  • Talking Epic Systems, Ebola and ICD-10 at AHIMA

    Don Fluckinger and Shaun Sutner analyze the week's stories in health IT, discussing Epic Systems, Ebola, health data governance, interoperability. Continue Reading