TechTarget board of directors

Robert D. Burke

Robert D. Burke has served as a director since November 2012. Mr. Burke has over 35 years of experience in the technology industry with both private and public companies. Mr. Burke is currently the President of Metacura, Inc., a consulting company. Prior thereto, Mr. Burke was most recently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Art Technology Group, Inc. (ATG) from 2002 to 2011. Before ATG, Mr. Burke was CEO of Quidnunc from 2000 to 2002 and President of ePresence Solutions (formerly Banyan Systems) from 1997 to 2000. Mr. Burke started his career as an operating systems specialist at Digital Equipment Corporation and held a wide variety of roles in hardware and software infrastructure, software applications, consulting and systems integration. Mr. Burke has a B.S. in Physics from Eastern Michigan University. Mr. Burke is also a board member for Sitecore Corporation A/S, a private leading web content management and marketing solution provider headquartered in Denmark. The Company believes that Mr. Burke’s extensive experience as a CEO and president of technology driven companies that are similar to the Company’s target customers brings valuable strategic and industry-specific insight to the Board and can assist the Company as it implements its sales and marketing strategies.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has served as a director since February 2015 and from 2007-2012. Mr.Levenson is the co-founder of United Communications Group, or UCG, where he has worked since 1977. He also founded OPIS and, with other partners, acquired GasBuddy in 2013. He is currently a partner at UCG, OPIS and GasBuddy, where he is involved in company strategy and acquisition efforts. In addition, Mr.Levenson is a partner in LPF, which is the majority owner of the NBA Atlanta Hawks franchise and owns the operating rights to the Philips Arena, the major sports and entertainment venue in Atlanta. Mr. Levenson is also on the Board of Governors of the National Hockey League. Mr.Levenson holds a B.A. from Washington University and a J.D. from American University. Mr.Levenson’s career of over thirty-five years as a principal in a highly successful specialty publisher provides the Company with valuable management and strategic experience in a core market the Company serves.

Leonard P. Forman

Leonard P. Forman has served as a director since December 2006. Mr. Forman served as the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of the New York Times Company from 2002 to 2006. Mr. Forman had been President and Chief Executive Officer of The New York Times Company Magazine Group prior to its sale in April 2001. Previously, he served The New York Times Company as senior vice president of corporate development, new ventures and electronic businesses. Mr. Forman also serves on the board of directors of Wolters Kluwer, N.V. Mr. Forman holds a B.A. from Queens College, City University of New York and completed his Ph.D. in economics from New York University. The Company believes that Mr. Forman’s financial, strategic and operational experience and acumen in the online services, print media and advertising businesses bring valuable strategic and industry-specific insight to the Board and add to the Board’s understanding of the risks and opportunities associated with our online media business.

Roger Marino

Roger M. Marino has served as a director since 2000. Mr. Marino is an active private investor in numerous technology start-up companies. In 2001, Mr. Marino founded RMM Group LLC, a film production company, and RMM-P, an investment company. Prior to founding RMM Group, Mr. Marino founded EMC Corporation and retired as its president in 1992. Mr. Marino holds a B.S. from Northeastern University and is a member (Emeritus) of Northeastern’s Board of Trustees. He also serves on two private company boards. Mr. Marino’s extraordinary experience as an entrepreneur who co-founded and then served in various executive positions in a market-leading technology company provides the Company with both executive and sales experience from the perspective of the market in which all of our customers operate.

Greg Strakosch

Greg Strakosch has served as TechTarget's Executive Chairman since May, 2016.  Prior thereto, he served as TechTarget's Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, from our incorporation in September of 1999 to May 2016 and as our Chairman since 2007. Prior to co-founding TechTarget, Mr.Strakosch was the President of the Technology Division of UCG, a business information publisher. Mr.Strakosch joined UCG in 1992 when the company acquired Reliability Ratings, an IT publishing company that he founded in 1989. Before Reliability Ratings, Mr.Strakosch spent six years at EMC Corporation, a provider of enterprise information storage systems. Mr.Strakosch holds a B.A. from Boston College. As one of the Company’s two co-founders and our Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Strakosch is uniquely positioned to lead our management team and provide essential insight and guidance to the Board of Directors from an inside perspective, along with experience and comprehensive knowledge of the IT advertising business.

Michael Cotoia

Michael Cotoia has served as our Chief Executive Officer since May 2016.  He has been employed by TechTarget since 2002, serving as our Chief Operating Officer from January2012 to May 2016 and prior to that as Executive Vice President (from 2010 to 2012), and various other positions including Senior Vice President, and Vice President and Publisher from 2002 to 2010. Prior to joining TechTarget, Mr.Cotoia was Director of Sales at SANZ, a national storage integrator, and also held positions at EMC and Deloitte. Mr.Cotoia holds a B.S. from Babson College and is a certified public accountant.