Targeted content and rich local expertise to reach and engage an active global audience

With offices in London, Paris, Munich, Sydney, Beijing, and Singapore, staffed by online technology marketing experts, TechTarget brings rich local expertise to help country and region-specific marketers use online tools to significantly improve their marketing efforts.

Worldwide content supported by localized sites in nine regional markets

Serious technology buyers in every major international market come to TechTarget sites to get deep, technical content to use in technology purchase decisions. In addition to TechTarget’s English-language global network, we have over 60 non-English and localized sites run by more than 40 full-time editors.

Globally relevant articles about specific technologies combined with locally relevant news, attract serious researchers. Other media companies do not deliver this level of niche technical content making TechTarget the only true choice for marketing globally.

Reaching key technology buyers outside North America

It is precisely this content approach that has allowed us to build critical mass in every corner of the globe. More than half of our over 13 million global technology buyers are making enterprise technology decisions outside of North America. Now marketers have the opportunity to influence this audience on a large-scale in key geographic regions and countries across APAC, EMEA, and Latin America. In the last year alone, we delivered over 1 million leads to advertisers in these major international regions. With our advanced geo-targeting capabilities, TechTarget can help you engage the right technology decision makers as they are researching available solutions for active projects. This allows you to leverage our sophisticated media products and lead generation solutions that simply don’t exist in many local markets.

Centralized program management and guidance streamlines your marketing and gets you to market faster

Navigating a global marketing campaign focused on multiple countries or regions and in multiple languages can be an overwhelming, time-consuming task for any marketer. Let TechTarget do the work for you. TechTarget provides a single point of campaign management and analysis across regional and country-specific campaigns to make execution simpler, faster and more effective.

This efficiency -- combined with our deep expertise in the markets we serve -- gives you the guidance you can rely on to maximize the success of your global and regional marketing efforts. TechTarget ROI consultants run hundreds of campaigns targeting individual countries and incorporating local language content. This experience has helped us build a set of best practices that we bring to bear in every marketing program we manage. Your TechTarget ROI Consultant is armed with these best practices. Working together we will:

  • Advise you on what asset types resonate best in which countries
  • Show you where translation and localization is critical and where it’s not
  • Provide insight into which technology topics and marketing techniques are most effective across any geography

Get to market faster

To help you get to market faster, your TechTarget program can start delivering in all markets immediately. We’ve eliminated the hassle and delays of dealing with separate or de-centralized media companies. TechTarget can take all your content and syndicate it in the corresponding markets for you. We further help diversify and localize marketing programs by adding editorial sponsorships. These can be translated for you and promoted to the relevant audiences in the economies you care about most.

Client Consulting

The industry’s first and only expert global team committed to maximizing your marketing ROI

ROI ConsultingTo understand why TechTarget has always been a true pioneer in proving ROI and delivering measurable results for our customers, you need look no further than our award-winning Client Consulting department. Client Consulting is a global team of marketing experts providing you with in-depth strategic guidance as they manage your campaigns from start to finish, delivering the hands-on reporting expertise, and a range of value-added services to maximize your TechTarget investments. Comprised of a core group of advertising agency veterans, technology marketing practitioners, and former consultants, Client Consulting consistently delivers unmatched ROI for marketers behind the strength of over 100 years of collective marketing experience combined with knowledge and best practices learned from managing more than 10,000 online marketing programs.

Learn more about TechTarget Client Consulting

Extensive online capabilities help you target buyers and deliver results across key global regions

Global prospect identification and engagement

Do you know when an IT professional in Munich or Melbourne has a new virtualization project?  We do. Through our revolutionary Activity Intelligence™ platform, TechTarget allows you to engage technology professionals actively researching purchases for any technology in any country across the globe. Syndicate assets in our network and generate leads from every market you are focused on with geo-targeted, activity-based promotional emails. Once that lead is generated, you can employ our Activity Intelligence Dashboard. Provided with every international campaign, it presents your local sales teams with unparalleled insight into your sales prospects at both the individual and buying team level. Additionally, with our local presence, we can offer on-site training to help your local sales office follow up on leads generated through global or locally run online marketing programs.

International brand building

Are you looking to build your brand in a specific region or country? TechTarget’s geo-targeted banner capabilities and topically relevant editorial alignment are the answer. We serve your creative to IT pros in just the targeted geographies, focused on related topics, allowing you to pinpoint areas for brand lift.

Translation and localization

Do you need help in simplifying your translation and localization efforts? Translate a few of your most strategic white papers and content assets. Or, sponsor any of our hundreds of editorial features – available in six languages -- where we’ve done the translation and localization for you. Once syndicated and promoted on our local language networks, these assets will quickly boost the number of high quality leads for your local sales team to prospect.

Flexible programs with guaranteed results designed to meet your international marketing goals

Our customized multi-country programs in multiple languages enable you -- through one campaign -- to target combinations of countries with English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Chinese or Japanese content and receive regional lead guarantees for North America, EMEA, Latin America, ASEAN or APAC.

You can also choose country-specific programs targeting a single country, in language, and receive a lead guarantee.

Global Technology Marketing Simplified: TechTarget approach drives global marketer success

TechTarget Global Expertise and Expansion


TechTarget's Leading Global Media


TechTarget Global Marketing Services Overview

EMEA-focused media and opportunities

Influence technology buyers across EMEA with targeted media and programs that help you gain market share and distance your company from the competition. TechTarget has more than 25 targeted websites covering topics like data management, data centers, information security, storage, networking and IT management. These sites -- in English, German, French, and Italian -- help IT pros solve problems and maximize technology purchases through country-specific buying advice and case studies. With over 3.8 million members in the region, 500,000 EMEA sales leads generated annually, and European headquarters in London, TechTarget has the audience, experience and local expertise to enable you to make fast progress in the technology markets and countries you care about. See below for more information about our focused capabilities in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Benelux.

EMEA map

APAC-focused media and opportunities

Leverage TechTarget as a single source for attracting the right IT buyers in the countries you’re focused on across Asia Pacific. TechTarget has over 3.7 million APAC members and more than 40 targeted websites -- including online properties in Japanese and Chinese -- to meet IT pros’ highly targeted information needs and help marketers deliver real results on their demand generation and brand building objectives. Our APAC websites are devoted to the topics both IT pros and advertisers care about most: data centers and virtualization, enterprise applications, information security, networking, and storage. With dedicated offerings in Australia/New Zealand, China, India, and Japan, as well as targeted reach in ASEAN, TechTarget is the go-to information resource for serious active technology buyers across the region when they are making technology purchasing decisions. See below for more information about our focused capabilities.

Asia Pacific map

Latin America-focused media and opportunities

TechTarget makes it easier and faster to make progress in your technology segment in Latin America. Our unique ability to target IT professionals actively researching niche areas of technology makes your awareness programs more effective and your lead generation programs drive greater sales pipeline. Today we have member profile information on more than 400,000 IT professionals across the region and serve an average of 485,000 page views per month to users researching data center infrastructures, networking, security, cloud computing, business applications and much more. Our key to help you success is our ability to identify who is actively researching topics aligned with your solutions.

TechTarget makes targeting Latin America simple for both local marketers looking to target specific countries and global marketers charged with delivering results across multiple regions. Campaigns can leverage existing campaigns your organization may already be running with TechTarget for even easier deployment. Your Spanish, Portuguese and English content becomes available to our Latin America audience through syndication and topically targeted activity-based promotions. Plus there are countless ways to align with our expert editorial content in any of these languages to create brand lift and generate additional in-language leads. Click the link below to learn more about our robust capabilities in Latin America:

Latin America map

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Resources for marketers

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Global Technology Marketing and the Law: Making Sense of Regional & Country-Specific Requirements for Online Marketing

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Translation and "Localisation": Making smarter decisions for developing and targeting content by region and country

This white paper, the first installment of the Global Technology Marketers Best Practices Series, uses the insights from our recent Global Media Consumption Trends study and our practical experience managing lead generation and regional and country-specific campaigns to provide basic guidelines to adapt content appropriately to global markets. Download the white paper.

Client Case Study: AppSense

When AppSense was looking for a media partner to promote its user virtualization solutions and generate leads within organisations embarking on Microsoft® Windows® 7 migrations in the UK, Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Iceland, France and Australia/New Zealand, they turned to TechTarget. Specifically, they were looking to generate high-quality leads of IT decision-makers at 500+ employee enterprises with active, budgeted Windows 7 migration projects in the next year.

Download this case study to learn how TechTarget delivered 40-to-1 online ROI for AppSense.

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2012 Profiling the APAC IT Buyer for Effective Media Planning

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