A highly targeted alert service to highlight where active technology deals are

Providing alerts and insight on active technology deals

IT Deal Alert™ is a monthly service from TechTarget, powered by our world-class Activity Intelligence™ platform. This unique service, available in North America, Europe, and APAC is designed to grow your sales pipeline by providing you with alerts on active technology deals in the market segments you care about most. IT Deal Alert is available in three flexible options:

  • Qualified Sales Opportunities: This end-to-end service offering is best suited for organizations that
    require sales-ready leads directly and immediately. Learn more.
  • Qualified Sales Opportunities for the Channel: Turn-key, cost-effective service built just for the Channel. Learn more.
  • Account Watch: This subscription-based service is ideal for organizations that actively use CRM and marketing automation tools, specifically Salesforce.com, for lead nurturing and account mapping to monitor account activity over time. Learn more.

Through its Activity Intelligence platform, TechTarget analyzes online research trends of serious IT buyers across our more than 120 websites every day. This robust capability, combined with TechTarget’s unmatched breadth and topical depth of content, allows IT Deal Alert to identify active technology projects in over 80 technology-specific segments across the Data Center, Networking, Storage, Security, and Business Applications markets. By actively leveraging IT Deal Alert, technology sales and marketing teams can make prospecting more efficient and better target opportunities in order to win more deals in very specific markets.

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Qualified Sales

Account Watch

Number of opportunities



Mininum duration of service

1 quarter

Annual subscription

Insight into vendors engaged/topics of interest



Expanded intelligence (purchase consideration, size of opportunity, etc.)



Prospect-confirmed project and timeline



"Getting started" contacts



Information dynamically displayed within Salesforce.com



Customized for the Channel



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Introducing a new way to build your pipeline: Qualified Sales Opportunities

IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities

IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities provides you with 75-150 fully sales qualified opportunities every quarter in the segment(s) you select. Through TechTarget’s comprehensive qualification process, you are provided project details, key contact information, purchase considerations, content consumption trends and current solutions installed for each lead delivered. This service is best suited for organizations that require sales-ready leads directly and immediately.

IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities Overview


By actively leveraging Qualified Sales Opportunities, technology sales and marketing teams can immediately begin to grow their pipeline with prospects with confirmed projects, get a head start on active deals and get more at-bats with accounts that are ready to buy.

IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities for the Channel

TechTarget's IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities provides a new way to optimize Channel MDF/Co-Op funds and get in front of the best opportunities. Get started today with this targeted service.


Qualified Sales Opportunities takes advantage of all of TechTarget's qualification interactions with accounts

IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities leverages all of TechTarget

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Only TechTarget has this capability

Through our Activity Intelligence platform, we get real- time insight and analysis on active technology research and buying trends across TechTarget's global network.

IT Deal Alert Warehouse

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Pinpoint hot deals in specific technology segments and regions

IT Deal Alert: Account Watch

IT Deal Alert: Account Watch is an annual, subscription-based service that brings the power of TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence platform into your Salesforce.com (“SFDC”) CRM system. Through an API, IT Deal Alert: Account Watch matches the accounts being viewed inside SFDC and displays a series of data points allowing to your team to better understand the research dynamics at the account.

Key information provided by this service

  • Account Qualification - System indicates key research patterns that predict the existence of an upcoming buying decision.
  • Vendors of Interest - Shows which IT Vendors each account has engaged with in the past 90 days.
  • Primary Interest - Provides a deeper dive into the individual pain points of accounts.
  • Number of Researchers - Reveals the size of the research team as detected by TechTarget.
  • Activity Hotspots - Helps isolate where the research is being done, allowing your sales team identify the likely contacts they should reach out to.
  • Suggested Technology Contacts - Contacts we’ve sourced from publicly available data sources, augmented with fields like corporate email address and office phone number.
  • Weekly Hot Lists - Continuous update of the accounts your sales team should be talking to this week, based on activity on the TechTarget Universe.

Services are also available for customers not currently using Salesforce.com. Contact Brian McGovern to discuss the options that best suit your needs.

Giving our clients a sales and marketing advantage

Customer quotes about TechTarget IT Deal Alert

Find deals and qualified sales opportunities in specific technology market segments

Technology segments available with IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities

Business Applications

  • Agile development
  • Application integration
  • Application lifecycle 
  • Application modernization
  • Application performance 
  • BI platforms*
  • Big data*
  • Business analytics
  • Business process 
  • Call center
  • Cloud applications/SaaS
  • Cloud development
  • Content management and Collaboration
  • Customer experience management
  • Data governance
  • Data integration
  • Database management
  • Database performance/upgrades
  • Data visualization
  • ERP
  • Financial software
  • HR software
  • Mobile development
  • Oracle apps
  • Oracle database
  • Oracle management tools
  • Oracle middleware
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing software (CRM)
  • SAP applications
  • SAP business analytics
  • Server hardware for apps
  • Software testing
  • Web content management


  • Project and portfolio management


  • Mobile and wireless security 
  • Mobile device and application management*
  • Mobile devices
  • Windows 8 migration


  • Cloud applications and PaaS
  • Cloud infrastructure*
  • Cloud infrastructure - AWS
  • Converged infrastructure
  • Datacenter design and power and cooling*
  • Desktop management and security
  • Desktop migration
  • Desktop virtualization*
  • Enterprise systems management 
  • Exchange deployment and migration
  • Linux
  • Private and Hybrid Cloud
  • Public Cloud IaaS
  • Server hardware (incl virtual servers)*
  • Virtualization basics (incl migration and platforms)
  • Virtual environments management
  • Windows systems management


  • Application performance management and WAN optimization
  • Data center networking
  • Ethernet (10gbe 40gbe and 100gbe) and cable
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network management
  • UCC: Unified communications and collaboration
  • Wireless LAN


  • Application security*
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance, risk & governance*
  • Data protection
  • Endpoint security and anti-malware*
  • Identity and access management
  • Network security*
  • Secure Remote Access*
  • Security management/SIEM
  • Vulnerability management
  • Web security


  • Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Storage - AWS
  • Cloud disaster recorvery services
  • Data backup/data protection*
  • Data protection*
  • Data reduction and deduplication
  • DR/business continuity*
  • Primary storage systems
  • SAN/NAS hardware
  • SSD/flash
  • Storage for virtual environments*
  • Storage infrastructure optimization*

* - Availalble in Europe