IT Deal Alert™: Next generation IT project intelligence for sales and marketing teams

Alerts and insight on active technology projects to find and
close deals faster

IT Deal Alert is an innovative suite of enablement tools and services from TechTarget that addresses the distinct role-based needs of sales, marketing, and data science teams by providing real-time insight and in-depth data about IT buying teams worldwide. Powered by our world-class Activity Intelligence™ platform, IT Deal Alert is designed to grow your sales pipeline by providing you with alerts on active technology deals in the market segments you care about most.

IT Deal Alert includes these distinct tools and services:

  • Deal Data™ for Data Scientists (available worldwide): A direct upload of all TechTarget’s raw purchase intent data for any workflow for richer intelligence and better insight to predict future buying behavior. Learn more.
  • Priority Engine™ for Inside Sales and Marketers (available in N. America): New subscription data service harnessing the power of Deal Data to make it easier for Inside Sales and Marketing to prioritize new and existing accounts in and integrate project intelligence into their daily workflow. Learn more.
  • Qualified Sales Opportunities: This end-to-end service offering is best suited for sales organizations that
    require sales-ready leads directly and immediately. Learn more.
  • Qualified Sales Opportunities for the Channel: Turn-key, cost-effective service built just for the Channel. Learn more.

Through its Activity Intelligence platform, TechTarget analyzes activity from over 100,000 companies across its 120+ sites and 5,000 targeted topics to provide a vast amount of project intelligence to sales and marketing teams. This robust capability, combined with TechTarget’s unmatched breadth and topical depth of content, allows IT Deal Alert to identify active technology projects in over 80 technology-specific segments across the Data Center, Networking, Storage, Security, and Business Applications markets. By actively leveraging IT Deal Alert, technology sales and marketing teams can make prospecting more efficient and better target opportunities in order to win more deals in very specific markets.


Both Deal Data and Qualified Sales Opportunities are available worldwide. Priority Engine will be available in North America in Q1 2015 and will be available in other global regions later in 2015.

Get started with IT Deal Alert today

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Leverage TechTarget’s proprietary purchase intent data to feed rich intelligence into existing data streams

IT Deal Alert Deal Data for Data Scientists

Deal Data allows data science teams to directly upload all of TechTarget’s raw purchase intent data in order to plug rich intelligence and insight into existing data streams to better predict future behavior. This solution augments marketing and data services such as record enhancement, nurturing activities, lead scoring, and predictive modeling.

Whether analyzing data, building custom algorythyms, or formulating follow-up strategies, Deal Data helps integrate TechTarget's powerful insight on IT buying behavior into your own ecosystem.

Only TechTarget has this capability

Through our Activity Intelligence platform, we get real- time insight and analysis on active technology research and buying trends across TechTarget's global network.

IT Deal Alert Warehouse

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Reveal new prospects, prioritize accounts, and identify your next opportunity within

IT Deal Alert Priority Engine for Inside Sales and Marketing

Priority Engine is a quarterly or annual subscription data service that harnesses the power of Deal Data to make it easier for Inside Sales and Marketing teams to identify and prioritize new and existing accounts in realitime within, get deeper insight into buyer activity, and better integrate project intelligence into their daily workflows. This powerful tool allows subscribers to gain access to thousands of verified accounts and prospects - including active TechTarget contacts and available 3rd party contacts.

Priority Engine helps Inside Sales teams specifically prioritize call lists, outlining who to contact in their database, who to contact from the TechTarget database, and who to contact from 3rd party data. It also delivers deep intelligence to help marketers plan and deliver more successful inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Key information provided by this service

  • New prospects - Allows organizations to gain access to active TechTarget prospects and other 3rd party prospects complete with validated email and phone numbers with one-click input to Salesforce.

  • Prioritization - Helps users identify the most relevant contacts and prospects based on their account activity complete with customizable, priority list building by sales rep, territory, and account

  • Activity insights - Weekly insights into the activity trends across accounts as well as a look at the top 200 most active accounts based on research behavior.

  • Workflow tools - Generate call lists and targeted campaigns from within Salesforce and enable sales reps through emails personalized with specific territory highlights.

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Giving our clients a sales and marketing advantage

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Build your pipeline with confirmed projects and Qualified Sales Opportunities

IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities for Field Sales and Channel

IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities provides you with 75-150 fully sales qualified opportunities every quarter in the segment(s) you select. Leveraging Deal Data and TechTarget’s comprehensive qualification process, this service provides organizations with project details, key contact information, purchase considerations, content consumption trends and current solutions installed for each lead delivered. This service is best suited for organizations that require sales-ready leads directly and immediately.

IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities Overview


By actively leveraging Qualified Sales Opportunities, technology sales and marketing teams can immediately begin to grow their pipeline with prospects with confirmed projects, get a head start on active deals and get more at-bats with accounts that are ready to buy.

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IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities for the Channel

TechTarget's IT Deal Alert: Qualified Sales Opportunities provides a new way to optimize Channel MDF/Co-Op funds and get in front of the best opportunities. Get started today with this targeted service.

Qualified Sales Opportunities takes advantage of all of TechTarget's qualification interactions with accounts

IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities leverages all of TechTarget

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Find deals and qualified sales opportunities in specific technology market segments

Technology segments available with IT Deal Alert Qualified Sales Opportunities*

Business Applications

  • Agile development
  • Application integration
  • Application lifecycle management 
  • Application modernization
  • APM
  • BI platforms
  • Big data
  • Business analytics
  • Business process management
  • Call center
  • Content management & Collaboration
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Customer experience management
  • Data governance
  • Data integration
  • Data visualization**
  • Database management
  • ERP
  • Financial software
  • HR software
  • Mobile development
  • Oracle applications**
  • Oracle database
  • Sales and marketing (CRM) software
  • SAP applications**
  • SAP business analytics**
  • Web content management**


  • Mobile device and application management**


  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud infrastructure AWS sub-segment***
  • Co-location*
  • Converged infrastructure
  • Datacenter design and power and cooling
  • Desktop management and security
  • Desktop virtualization
  • Enterprise systems management
  • Private and hybrid cloud*
  • Public cloud IaaS*
  • Server hardware (incl virtual servers)
  • Virtualization and cloud systems management


  • Application delivery and WAN optimization
  • Data center networking
  • Ethernet (0gbe 40gbe and 00gbe) and cable
  • Mobile devices and platforms
  • Network infrastructure
  • Network managemen
  • Software Defined Networks/ Networ
  • Virtualization
  • UCC: Unified communications and collaboration
  • Wireless LAN


  • Application security
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Cloud security
  • Compliance risk & governance
  • Data protection
  • Email Security
  • Endpoint security and anti-malware
  • Identity and access management
  • Network security
  • SIEM
  • Secure remote access
  • Vulnerability management
  • Web security


  • Cloud backup services**
  • Cloud disaster recovery services**
  • Cloud storage**
  • Cloud storage AWS sub-segment***
  • Data backup/data protection
  • Disaster recovery/business continuity
  • Primary storage optimization
  • SSD/flash
  • Storage for virtual servers

* - All segments listed are for North America only. Please contact your TechTarget Account Executive to find avaialble segments in Europe and APAC.
** - Specialized segments may have restrictions in multi-segment programs.
*** - AWS segments have alternate pricing.