Modern Infrastructure

TechTarget announces Modern Infrastructure, a new monthly e-zine designed to help savvy IT professionals navigate the new IT landscape to create the data center of tomorrow

TechTarget has always been on the forefront in helping IT pros make infrastructure decisions – sites like SearchDatacenter, SearchWinserver, SearchServerVirtualization and others – aid IT decision makers on the types of servers, operating systems, networks and storage are best suited to support an organization's workloads. But increasingly, IT professionals are grappling with another kind of decision: What infrastructure can I get away with not purchasing? Can I defray capital expenditures by outsourcing some portion of my infrastructure and operations? At the same time, enterprise IT is on a collision course with another key “threat:” end users. Today’s end users are wielding hordes of connected devices, wreaking havoc on unwitting networks and security policies. To help organizations survive – and thrive – in this era of consumerization, Modern Infrastructure has enlisted end-user computing experts like Brian Madden to weigh in on what IT needs to do to meet the needs of today’s end users.

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Thorough analysis and in-depth format

We believe there is a need for a magazine that helps users address this new world order, and one that allows vendors the opportunity to establish credibility and leadership in the evolving face of IT.  This is important content that doesn’t lend itself to 140-character tweets, or even an online forum. It warrants serious thought and research, expressed in reported features, columns and news analysis. Modern Infrastructure is penned by leading editors and IT experts, helmed by notable infrastructure editor Alex Barrett, and serves as the monthly authoritative voice guiding IT on the necessary steps to build their infrastructure of the future.

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