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TechTarget is a global media company who puts technology marketers at the intersection of everything we do. Powered by targeted content, active audiences, and innovative capabilities, we provide you with the right formula for success, no matter what your marketing objectives are. With over 150 editors and 700 expert contributors, we cover every important technology topic you care about which attracts millions of active technology buyers across the globe to our targeted network of over 100 technology-specific websites. Our innovative capabilities, featuring Activity Intelligence™, help you understand the evolving interests of our audience across the buying cycle and provide tools to engage them to maximize ROI and drive more revenue from your technology marketing programs. In TechTarget, you will find a trusted partner built on a foundation of knowledge and experience from running 10,000’s of online technology marketing programs for companies like yours since 1999.

TechTarget delivers marketer success

TechTarget's strategy for driving marketer success

Real content for serious technology buyers. Period.

100+ targeted websites that cover technology from applications to zettabytes

Serious technology buyers have a job to do and real problems to solve, which means their needs influence the content we provide. Because our content matches the information needs of technology professionals, we help them to do their jobs better and smarter, becoming a valuable resource to inform their technology purchasing decisions.
To this end, our targeted content matches the very specific information needs of IT pros across every major technology market and topic area. We’re not about general IT news stories we are about in-depth technical content and the more specific the needs of the technology buyer, the more specific the information we provide. This approach has built, and continues to build, the trust that technology pros have in TechTarget. That is why when a new technology project emerges, technology buyers always turn to us to research solutions and get the information they need.
Only TechTarget has the breadth and depth of content to attract serious buyers looking for solutions to specific technology problems, which translates into you being able to target the right buyers, with the right solutions, at the right time. It also allows you as a marketer to support your associated pillars and products knowing that the buyers will be searching for them across our extensive global network.

Technology buyers demand specialized content

Our increasingly specific content enables more targeted research

TechTarget In-depth Content

Drill-down: Just one example of our unmatched topical depth in specific technology markets.

TechTarget is the leading gateway to active technology buyers and buying teams around the world

Depending on the market or topic, TechTarget can provide wide and deep access to our audience of serious technology buyers in all the key markets you care about most. We don’t just identify serious individual tech buyers across topics, we go a step further and help you identify and engage entire multi-functional buying teams. And through our revolutionary Activity Intelligence™ platform, we help you connect the dots around the entire buying team by identifying their research trends, behaviors and interests. This helps you accelerate pipeline success and get deeper penetration with all of your most important accounts in every major region around the world.
TechTarget delivers you thousands of active technology professionals and their teams engaged and ready to buy. Our powerful universe of targeted buyers combined with our ability to pinpoint projects, allows you unlimited possibilities to target your message and solutions to active users and surround entire buying teams with relevant offerings.

Analyzing buying team activity to identify current and emerging projects

And help sales prioritize follow-up

TechTarget audience buying teams

Clearer view: Bringing active account teams into focus for all your marketing efforts.

Innovative capabilities to keep technology marketers ahead of the curve

TechTarget has over 13 years of experience managing online marketing programs and a deep understanding of the technology interests and trends of our audiences through in-depth research and monitoring, which allows us to create and build the best matched programs to fit your needs. We have an experienced global ROI Consulting team dedicated to managing your programs, maximizing ROI, and delivering measurable results for you. Your marketing success is bolstered by our extensive expertise combined with Activity Intelligence, our platform that provides unmatched visibility and insight into buyer and team activity to better target users, identify projects and enable your sales force.  Whether you are trying to converge your marketing efforts, build your brand, create demand for your solutions, or generate deeper social engagement, our products and offerings are customized to meet the needs of your key technology marketing objectives worldwide.

Expertise and Activity Intelligence combine to power your marketing programs

TechTarget capabilities consist of marketing expertise, Activity Intelligence and Program Experience

Marketer success: Putting technology marketers at the center of everything we do.