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TechTarget offers advertisers multiple ways to engage IT decision makers through an array of branding, demand gen, face-to-face, social media and mobile platforms. In addition to offering standard content syndication, TechTarget offers a full range of editorial sponsorships, streaming media production and syndication, as well as mobile and social solutions.

TechTarget’s advanced Activity Intelligence™ platform ensures that your content syndication campaigns are targeted to prospects that are actively researching solutions on the topics you care most about. Through advanced features such as our Demand Engage offerings, TechTarget can extend the efficacy of advertiser content assets and pro-actively nurture prospects and move them through the buy-cycle. With our suite of e-Products, your brand is aligned with topical, relevant TechTarget editorial content, and your own content is prominently featured through the e-Product Demand Engage unit. If you’re interested in streaming media, TechTarget offers opportunities for webcasts, podasts, video and virtual seminars. We can help you produce your streaming assets, or simply syndicate and promote the content you already have.

IT buyers are mobile.
Are you?

TechTarget mobile apps Nearly two-thirds of IT decision makers frequently use mobile devices to conduct work-related research. Through custom-designed mobile landing pages and apps, TechTarget helps you tailor your content and message to mobile smartphones and tablets to capture user attention and maximize interaction and download rates. You can optimize your existing Web presence with a customized mobile site extension, or take advantage of mobile-only solutions featuring exclusive traffic and engagement guarantees. Click here for details.

Branding solutions

Maximize brand lift and audience engagement


TechTarget’s wide assortment of standard and custom-created branding solutions, combined with our unparalleled audience targeting capabilities, consistently produce industry-leading click-thru and engagement rates for advertisers.

Our formula for success is simple: We align your brand and integrate your content with highly targeted, independent editorial across our more than 100 topically segmented sites.

Our standard display advertising solutions maximize your reach and efficiency of scale, delivering measurable brand lift and superior CTRs.

Our custom display advertising solutions inject your content directly into the research path of the IT buyer, delivering dwell times and engagement rates 2-4x industry averages. Custom solutions are 100% turnkey; we build, you approve.

Display advertising


Contextual Banner Advertising

Wide variety of IAB standard ad sizes aligning brands with the most relevant independent content


Welcome Ads

High impact ads exclusively capturing the first impression of each site visitor


Keyword Takeovers

Harness TechTarget's Search power. Own 100% SOV when IT buyers reach TechTarget's expert content from targeted, granular keyword searches


Targeting Opportunities

Highly targeted opportunities to maximize brand visibility with key audience segments.  Targeting opportunities include:

  • Enterprise
  • Prosumer
  • Community
  • Healthcare
  • Channel
  • Run-of-Network
  • Geotargeting
  • Roadblock

Custom brand solutions

Custom solution


TechTarget Brand Engage
Custom units that maximize opportunities for brand, demand, and social engagement

Custom solution


100% share of voice for your solutions through a dedicated site aligned to your messaging and brand

Custom solution


Embedded Sites

Customized vendor site embedded into topically aligned editorial site

Demand solutions

Leveraging thought leadership to drive prospect demand and intelligence


TechTarget’s unique topical segmentation and Activity Intelligence platform ensure delivery of the right content to the right prospects at the right point in time.

This model coupled with our extensive syndication, streaming and content solutions ensures your demand generation campaigns effectively fill your sales pipeline with the prospects actively researching the topics most pertinent to your business.

Our syndication philosophy is to position your content contextually with pertinent editorial and peer conversations to capitalize onproactive researchers through personalized email promotions and search engine marketing.

This unique syndication approach also forms the foundation for our portfolio of streaming offerings- providing advertisers a platform to leverage existing video, webcast, and podcast content, as well as the potential to leverage TechTarget’s capabilities for full streaming production and virtual seminar production.

Finally, TechTarget’s extensive library of editorial content and connections with industry luminaries offers advertisers a full portfolio of editorial based, and custom content solutions to augment their own content portfolios. Advertisers have the opportunity to showcase their brand and content assets as part of these unique editorially focused sponsorships.

Client syndication solutions


Content Syndication

Showcasing your content to active IT prospects


Streaming Media
helping IT prospects dive deeper with your solutions

Content programs




Leveraging award-winning editorial to drive brand affinity and demand




State-of-the-art virtual experiences enhance advertiser success

Custom solution


Custom Content Solutions

Turnkey content creation to simplify and accelerate prospect generation

Social solutions

Sparking conversations and connecting with prospects


TechTarget hosts and curates three active social communities: IT Knowledge Exchange, Health IT Exchange, and TechnologyGuide that cover a wide range of IT topics from Active Directory to Virtualization and hundreds of topics in between. Advertisers can “broadcast” their brand presence and affinity, “interact” through discussions with IT professionals, and even “grow” their own social and community “followers” through a variety of sponsorship options. Whether you are just starting your social media efforts or have a thriving social presence and community of your own, TechTarget can energize and extend your social media success.

Community building opportunities


  • Run of site and topic-aligned display advertising
  • Daily Alert and Newsletter sponsorships
  • Generate brand awareness and affinity with community members


  • Social Engage pulls in relevant advertiser social feeds and content
  • Advertiser can feature their blogs as well as sponsor expert topic blogs
  • Advertising and sponsorships aligned to specific discussion topics


  • Extend your followers and community
  • Rich media solutions that combine your social feeds and discussions
  • Offers opportunity for highly customized engagements

Face-to-Face solutions

Providing audiences with active projects immediate access to solutions


The TechTarget face-to-face formula focuses on bringing top-of-mind content together with related brands, to provide audiences immediate access to answers & solutions. Only TechTarget's proprietary Activity Intelligence coupled with an in-house Delegate Recruitment team can pinpoint and confirm active projects. Coupling that with our experienced event management team, TechTarget creates turnkey event opportunities across a combination of conferences, seminars, dinners and special events in each major sector of the technology market.


Face-to-Face engagement opportunities 

Custom event opportunities

For advertisers looking for a comprehensive and exclusive event or series, TechTarget boasts the ability (through its TechTarget Custom Media division) to leverage this proven face-to-face formula to bring your event goals to fruition in a measurable capacity.

2016 TechTarget events

For more information and schedules on the individual TechTarget face-to-face events running this year, visit our event sites.