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2013 EMEA IT Priorities Video Series

ResourcesBig Data

Learn how EMEA IT organizations view and look to invest in Big Data.

ResourcesSecurity and Networking

Discover the top security and networking initiatives for EMEA organizations.


Cloud services continue to grow across Europe, see how the focus differs regionally.


Explore the top infrastructure projects of EMEA IT organizations.

2013 EMEA IT Priorities: Mobility and End-User Infrastructure

Part of the 2013 EMEA IT Priorities video series, this brief webcast features a country breakdown of how EMEA IT buyers plan to invest in mobile initiatives in 2013. This series features TechTarget's Senior Vice President, International, Bill Crowley, Editor-in-Chief for Europe, Bryan Glick and Senior Vice President, Editorial, Mark Schlack discussing the results from the latest EMEA IT Priorities study, what cultural factors influence the results, how it compares to North America results and how marketers can use this information to influence thier marketing initiatives. Some highlights from this year's study include:

  • The top desktop projects of EMEA IT organizations in 2013, and the rise of mobile.
  • Mobile policies currently implemented or will be implemented across Europe.
  • Which mobile initiatives EMEA IT organizations will implement.
  • And much more...

To download the slides from this webcast, please click here.

To learn more about this research and TechTarget in Europe, contact Bill Crowley.

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Bill Crowley, Senior Vice President, International

Bill CrowleyBill Crowley is the Senior Vice President of International at TechTarget, responsible for TechTarget’s operations outside of the US and directly manages EMEA operations from the London office he helped set up in 2008. Prior to his International role, Bill managed TechTarget’s Data Centre/Virtualization, Networking, Windows and Technology Guide Media Groups globally and helped launch 10 TechTarget sites. Bill is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School.

Bryan Glick, Editor-in-Chief, Europe

Bryan GlickBryan is the editor in chief of Computer Weekly, the UK’s leading business technology publication. He is responsible for managing and developing all of Computer Weekly’s editorial content, covering the website, blogs, video, podcasts, web seminars, social media, events, community, the 120,000-circulation weekly digital magazine, and the CW500 IT leadership group.

Mark Schlack, Senior Vice President, Editorial

Mark SchlackMark Schlack is Senior Vice President, Editorial at TechTarget. Mr. Schlack has covered the use of technology in business for 30 years, concentrating on computer technology for the last 20 years. His focus has been largely online since 1998. Mr. Schlack is currently driving TechTarget’s global expansion, overseeing editorial survey research, as well as shaping editorial policy and strategy for the company as a whole.


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