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2013/2014 TechTarget Media Consumption Research Brief

Content essentials for technology buying teams worldwide—APAC Edition

How buyers are dictating content marketing and sales strategies globally

2013 Media Consumption ReportJust like those in North America, Europe and Latin
America, IT departments in APAC are tasked with
the responsibility of conducting research, evaluating
vendors and selecting the solution that will best satisfy their organization’s needs. While the region has always been seen as a face-to-face culture when it comes to business engagements, technology buying teams have become more reliant on digital content and media, including white papers, case studies and online videos, to effectively compare vendors and gain information on the solutions that best solve their technology problems.

As buyers arm themselves with the right tools and information to make more educated decisions, buy cycles are accelerating worldwide and marketers need to make sure their content marketing strategy is keeping pace. This study aims to provide marketers with a complete understanding of how technology buying teams in specific APAC markets consume content and expect to engage with vendors during the research process.

2013/2014 TechTarget Media Consumption Research Brief

2013 Media Consumption ReportGlobal edition


2013 Media Consumption ReportEuropean edition

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TechTarget's Media Consumption Report

Published annually since 2008, TechTarget’s Media
Consumption Report is recognized as an authoritative
resource for examining global content marketing trends and investigating the research and purchase behaviors of technology buyers. Past reports can be found at


2013/2014 Media Consumption Report

2013/2014 Media Consumption ReportContent essentials for technology buying teams worldwide: How buyers are dictating content marketing and sales strategies globally

Case Study

Symantec Global Brand Study

Symantec Case Study

Symantec, a global leader in security, storage and systems management solutions and its agency, GQP, turn to TechTarget
to create a strong brand identity in the business continuity space.

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