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LeMagIT: A new approach for French IT Marketing

TechTarget makes it much simpler and much faster for tech companies to make meaningful progress outside the US. In pursuit of that goal, TechTarget recently acquired LeMagIT, the leading enterprise IT network of sites in France and TechTarget’s partner for 3 years. These video interviews with LeMagIT co-founders Eric Ochs, and David Castaneira, help technology marketers understand more about:

  • The key market segments and audiences LeMagIT addresses
  • LeMagIT’s distinct content strategy and editorial leadership
  • How LeMagIT differs from other French IT media
  • 3 new things to think about when approaching the French market

To learn more about LeMagIT and TechTarget in France, contact Renee Cormier

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David Castaneira, Co-Founder, LeMag IT and Country Manager, France, TechTarget

David CastaneiraDavid Castaneira has over 12 years of experience in online technology publishing and serving the information needs of French IT professionals. He co-founded LeMagIT in 2008 and is now the country manager for TechTarget in France. Prior to LeMagIT, David lead all B2B IT web operations for IDG France.

Eric Ochs, Co-Founder, LeMagIT and VP of Sales, TechTarget France

Eric OchsEric Ochs has over 20 years of experience in the IT and technology sectors in France and in Europe and co-founded LeMagIT in 2008. Prior to his role with LeMagIT and TechTarget, Ochs was Managing Director of IDG France. He has also been a Venture Partner at Leonardo Ventures, and developed


2013/2014 Media Consumption Report

2013/2014 Media Consumption ReportContent essentials for technology buying teams worldwide: How buyers are dictating content marketing and sales strategies globally

Case Study

Symantec Global Brand Study

Symantec Case Study

Symantec, a global leader in security, storage and systems management solutions and its agency, GQP, turn to TechTarget
to create a strong brand identity in the business continuity space.

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Don't miss the mark with the right technology buyer

LOB White PaperThis white paper, authored by leading TechTarget analyst Jonathan Brown, breaks down the ins and outs of enterprise technology buying and explores the role and influence of IT vs. LOB throughout the process.