Activity Intelligence Dashboard: Empowering marketers to make their sales teams more productive

Launched in September of 2011, Activity Intelligence dashboard is a major upgrade to TechTarget's Activity Intelligence suite of products and services. This is an industry-changing set of new reporting tools that gives marketing and sales professionals a whole new level of visibility into the buying activity of their leads and marketing campaigns. View these videos to get an overview of these exciting new reporting capabilities.

While typical lead reports are simple lists of static data in a spreadsheet, the Activity Intelligence dashboard gives a more comprehensive view of each lead, as well as the account associated with that lead by offering three great features:

Contact Intelligence™
Detailed information regarding the activities taken and content a contact has engaged over the course of a marketing campaign, creating a robust profile of each contact for marketing and sales.

Enhanced Contact Profiles™
Provides third-party improvements and validation of contact information, increasing the potential for sales representatives to connect with prospects in meaningful follow-up discussions.

Account Intelligence™
Revolutionary demand generation enhancement that gives sales access to a detailed view of research activity across an entire account. This view of leads aligns opportunity information with the way that sales teams already think and work.

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