Meet our Marketer of the Quarter Q3/2012

Adam Potashnick, Senior Vice President, Americas Media Director at MediaCom

Recently, TechTarget discussed the subject of Social Media ROI with Adam Potashnick. This in-depth interview gives marketers key insight into social lead generation, the use of social media and marketing tools in the overall marketing mix, and the results social media can deliver for B2B audiences.

Do you anticipate more B2B technology marketers using social media for lead gen purposes? Is B2B social media lead generation taken seriously?

Yes, of course. All marketers have to monitor conversations about their brands and competitors. There are many social media listening tools that help marketers keep the pulse on what is being talked about.

If so, can you give us an example of a successful campaign that you’ve spearheaded on behalf of your clients that showcases this?

Our team utilizes a rich mix of content when engaging with customers.  Not all customers read case studies or white papers. We have found that many of our customers enjoy attending a webcast and reading our blogs.  Not only do we have to produce content, we have to produce enough of it.  We want customers to have a reason to come back to our owned properties time and time again.

We worked on a very interesting project with TechTarget called the “Dell Social Reader” campaign…It used TechTarget’s Social Engage platform which allows technology buyers to participate in real-time online discussions with their peers on very specific sets of technology topics such as cloud computing, data center management, IT security and healthcare IT.  Users can read discussions between other users, answer questions submitted by their peers, and post questions of their own for the community to answer simultaneously. Results consisted of Average interactions: 4.45 with the Engagement Rate up to 34.5%.

Do you find that B2B technology marketers are expanding their circle of social media followers?

As social media is an emerging lead generation tool we done a tremendous amount of work to help place a value on what a new follower is worth to business. Not ever social platform’s acquisition cost is equal.  Social media in many cases lowers the barriers to the sale by building relationships and displaying expertise in real time vs. having to pick up the phone.

Tell us how social media advertising gets results for the B2B audience? Also, what social media and marketing tools do you like that help with ROI?

The ultimate technique to get results in social media is to be coordinated, committed, and confident.  You have to smarten your lead generation campaigns with precise targeting and ensure you are nurturing leads so they are sales ready.

Do you think that B2B companies are on schedule with their mobile strategies?

Many companies are not fully leveraging the utility and proximity of mobile marketing. We have propelled Dell to be an industry leader helping them get involved at this early stage was essential to our mobile campaign roadmap and growth.

Finally, where do you think social is heading from a B2B perspective?

For B2B marketers, you have to listen to what customers are saying about your company and/or products (e.g. pricing or shipping) to help better inform your sales strategies.

When you identify customers that are in the research stage you can act as an educator and establish yourself as a trusted advisor.

About Adam

Adam Potashnick is at MediaCom, overseeing the Dell account. He is committed to building the Dell business through innovation, accountability and results. Adam continuously searches for alternate approaches, first to market solutions, scalable strategies for emerging media, and more powerful ways to harnessing traditional media.

Before joining the Dell account, Adam worked with a variety of other global clients at MediaCom, including Nokia and Shell. He has previously held positions at Carat USA on both the Pfizer Pharmaceutical and CBS accounts.

Adam manages teams across multiple geographies, agencies, and disciplines. He lives the Dell brand and loves spending time and traveling with his wife Lauren and son Hudson.

To contact Adam with any questions or inquiries, please email him at:


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