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Tech Marketer’s Spotlight

Pam Hege, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, ConnectWise

Find out how Pam Hege handles lead gen efforts for ConnectWise, a developer of the leading business automation software designed exclusively for IT service providers, VARS, ISVs and MSPs, to drive succcess.


What are you working on right now?

LEAD GEN. I have a lot of “hungry” sales folks to feed and their appetites are getting larger and larger. Unfortunately our marketing budgets aren’t so I’ve been spending a lot of time diving into data and researching lead gen channels to improve both quantity and quality of our leads. I’m really taking a step back and re-focusing on “intentional marketing,” as the driver of our lead gen strategy.

What do you think the biggest pain points are in your space and how is your company conquering those challenges?

I manage the lead generation program for three brands – two very niche-focused and one with big Blue Ocean appeal. In both instances my biggest pain point is attracting, converting and nurturing the “right” prospect. For our niche-focused brands it’s getting to more of the target audience without casting the net so wide that we get more unqualified than qualified leads. For our big blue ocean brand it’s about finding the sweet spot – most businesses can use our software, but we know there’s a specific group that will be more profitable as customers.

I’m approaching this challenge in two ways: the first is to leverage the data available to find trends that have led to won deals. Rarely does it show one touch and a close, but at least I can build a prospect flow to see how many touches from which channels and for what asset to help us with our planning moving forward.

Secondly, as noted above I’ve shifted back to an “intentional” marketing mindset. I think it’s really easy to throw money at lead gen in a very fragmented approach. We think a single conversion – form submission – is a win, but that’s not the case at all.

Our marketing, regardless of channel, should lead a prospect through a very intentional flow based upon where they are in the buying process. Different channels appeal to prospects in specific stages of that buying process – so our content and calls-to-action need to work within that channel to create that first engagement and our nurturing programs have to provide the content and messaging to keep them moving through that process to a closed deal.

Where do you see the future of lead generation, lead management, lead nurturing and activity monitoring?

One word – AUTOMATION. I’ve worked in marketing/sales environments with automation and without it and I can tell you the lack of automation absolutely has a negative impact on lead gen, lead management, lead nurturing and activity monitoring. In fact, The Lenskold Group recently released the “2012 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study” with some metrics that included a 60 percent increase in quantity and quality of leads with automation. I want those numbers.

I think the business of marketing and sales automation is exploding and every day I’m presented with better and better tools to do my job. Even something as simple as being able to leverage TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence Dashboard as part of the automated lead flow to my sales team is a bonus.

What excites you in the Lead Gen space?

My CEO would call it “cracking the code.” I started as a traditional marketer and despite my ability to uncover new opportunities to engage a target audience, I was pretty limited on what I could do and the results I could expect to see. That’s not the case anymore. We have more ways to attract, engage, nurture and convert than ever before. But we’re far, far away from figuring out how to do it well.

I get excited at the idea of seeing the big picture strategically and then zooming in to the details and moving the pieces around to get the most impact with what we do. I think a lot of marketers today take the Web for granted – a little ppc, a few emails, a splash of banner ads, a handful of social all driving to videos, eBooks, infographics – and they think they’ve got it figured out.

There’s a lot more to learn and to figure out. That’s what excites me about lead gen.

Can you tell us what you’re working on with TechTarget and please provide some metrics?

TechTarget has become a trusted channel to reach our target audience of IT solution providers, VARS, software developers and system integrators. We place banners and drop email to build brand awareness with the TechTarget audience, and we leverage the lead gen program to build our pipeline.

We see two specific advantages in working with TechTarget. The first is the overall quality of the leads we received. TechTarget delivers the specific audience we are looking for. In the past we could easily have 30 to 40 percent waste in the leads we received from some of our other CPL programs, and that’s not the case with TechTarget.

Secondly is the reach of TechTarget both domestically and internationally. Very few vendors that we work with can deliver our highly targeted audience within the markets we are in. That’s a big plus

We’ve definitely won deals with our TechTarget leads. The overall program has delivered a 200+ percent ROI.

Finally, what do you think will be a priority for ConnectWise in 2013? Any advice for marketers when planning for 2013 especially in the lead generation area?

My priority for all three of our brands is to be more intentional with our marketing and nurturing to improve the overall quality of leads and do a better job of staying engaged until they are ready to buy. We’ll also be focusing on creating content and assets that will have value for them no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

Advice for other marketer in 2013? Be intentional.

About Pam Hege

Pam Hege markets with a purpose. She practices intentional marketing to ensure focus remains on the outcome, not the effort. Pam is versatile, proficient and tech savvy with core-marketing disciplines of analytics, social, mobile, web, search and content. She envisions on a strategic level, building fully integrated campaigns, and then executing on the tactical level to accelerate expansion, increase revenues, and improve profit margins. Currently, Pam is the Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at ConnectWise providing strategic direction for online branding and lead generation programs. She and her team manage all digital marketing initiatives including PPC, SEO, email, online media, content sponsorships, retargeting/remarketing, lead nurturing, re-engagement and brand websites. Prior to joining the ConnectWise team, Pam played a major role in the creation and implementation of product development and marketing initiatives that have driven substantial user and revenue growth for a variety of B2B and B2C companies, including Cox Enterprises, Multicast Media,, and Benchmark Brands. She also built and sold a successful marketing and promotions agency catering to the needs of companies such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Sprint, 20th Century Fox, the National Basketball Association and Best Western Hotels. Also, check out Pam’s blog at

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