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Marketing Best Practices in Europe

2013 EMEA IT Priorites Video Series

This series of webcasts features TechTarget's Senior Vice President, International, Bill Crowley, Editor-in-Chief for Europe, Bryan Glick and Senior Vice President, Editorial, Mark Schlack discussing the results from the latest EMEA IT Priorities study, what cultural factors influence the results, how it compares to North America results and how marketers can use this information to influence thier marketing initiatives.

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Big Data
Mobility and End-User Infrastructure
Security and Networking

LeMagIT: A new approach for French IT Marketing

Discover what TechTarget's acquisition of LeMagIT means for marketing in the French IT market in this brief video with LeMagIT co-founders Eric Ochs, and David Castaneira. Watch the video.

Global Technology Marketing and the Law: Making Sense of Regional & Country-Specific Requirements for Online Marketing White Paper

This TechTarget Global Marketer Services white paper helps you navigate the regulatory maze of new and ever-changing rules and regulations of what global technology marketers can and cannot do as well as provides practical advice to maximize the success of marketing efforts while complying with applicable requirements. Download the white paper.

Pitching the European CIO - A Guide to understanding the philosophies and priorities of European IT senior management

Find out what EMEA CIO's top interests are and gain insight for marketing to these senior IT pros in this region with this in-depth analysis from TechTarget's Director of Product Marketing, EMEA, Byrony Seifert and Computer Weekly's Editor-in-Chief, Bryan Glick. View the guide.

Technology Marketer Connection - Koby Amendume, EMEA Marketing Director, Kaseya

Kaseya's EMEA Marketing Director, Koby Amendume describes his current marketing initiatives, the biggest challenges around lead management and lead delivery, and the important role Marketing plays in helping solving the concerns of Sales, and more in this insightful interview. Read the interview.

Converting Technology Prospects into Buyers

Delivered at TechTarget’s London ROI Summit, this presentation provides real world advice and case studies around online content strategy, categorising leads based on content, nurturing leads efficiently way and how best to work with sales with online leads. Presented by Marilou Barsam, SVP of Client & Corporate Marketing. Download the presentation.

From Brand to Demand Generation: The changing landscape of online display advertising

Alastair Mackie, Financial Times, and Jeff Ramminger, TechTarget, discuss new opportunities they're seeing for successful online marketing and review results achieved for Oracle, IBM, and other top organizations. Watch the video.

A Closer Look at How Specific Media Programmes Perform in Converting Prospects to Buyers

In this presentation, learn the most successful media strategies and take home practical tips on how to use online content types and media against your online campaign goals, including webcasts, podcasts, white papers, microsites and virtual events. Presented by Marilou Barsam, SVP of Client & Corporate Marketing, TechTarget at TechTarget/Google Online ROI Summit in London. Download the presentation.

How to Measure Social Media ROI

Apply today’s web 2.0 technologies (Twitter, Google trends, blogs, and social networks) to traditional marketing activities including product launches and focus groups, while advancing your social media strategy. This session presents best practise approaches on how to measure the return of your existing and future social media programmes. Presented by Sean Brooks, VP of Social Media, TechTarget at TechTarget/Google Online ROI Summit in London. Download the presentation.

UK IT Market Opportunities

In mid-2010, TechTarget surveyed its ITDM audience to understand their priorities reaching into 2010. This short webcast discusses which issues are at the top of the priority list in the UK (both in terms of which projects are the most popular and which have the greatest urgency. The categories covered include IT Management, Storage, Servers, Security, Networking and Business Intelligence. Presented by Bill Crowley, SVP of International, TechTarget. Watch the video.

Market Research in Europe

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part Four: The Implications of Engaging International Buyers by Phone

Part four presents appropriate engagement strategies for technology vendors to embark with international IT buyers. Discover the effectiveness of telemarketing/phone calls in technology sales cycles and the emerging trend that IT buyers want (and do) more of their research on the web. Download this research brief.

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part Three: Making smarter content choices for different countries

This research brief addresses the types of content that resonates best from market to market. Discover how EMEA and APAC nations agree and differ on content type preferences when researching technology products, solutions and vendors and how you can leverage this information enhance your international marketing strategies. Download this research brief.

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part Two: Shifting behaviors in international buyer research and engagement

This research brief explores the shift EMEA and APAC IT buyers are taking towards online environments for research and vendor engagement. Learn about the new research behaviors and preferences of the international IT buyer and how you can leverage this information enhance your international marketing strategies. Download this research brief.

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part One: Common attributes of international IT buyers

This new research brief is the first installment of a four-part TechTarget Global Marketer Services series that helps technology marketers better understand the unique composition and research preferences of IT buyers across 10 different geographies. Get a full profile of the International IT Buyers you are marketing to and find answers to important questions that have implications for your go-to-market strategies. Download this research brief.

2012 Profiling the EMEA IT Buyer for Effective Media Planning

Surveying 750 EMEA IT buyers, this research will provide a clear understanding of the environment in which EMEA IT buyers conduct their research and make IT purchases. This study will guide marketers into building more effective marketing plans in EMEA. Download the report.

Behavioural Research Project Phase 2: Search Behaviour of IT Buyers Online During the Purchase Process UK Edition

This study tracks the differences between what IT buyers say they do versus their actual behavior when presented with search scenarios. It becomes obvious that although the users’ actual behavior closely resembles findings from the first study, there are some notable differences between three roles; CIOs, directors and administrators. Download the report.

Is Your Storage Going Green?

This Green Storage survey of members provides storage vendors a better idea of how important “green” issues are to storage buyers. Among the questions and issues addressed in the survey are: the role that Senior IT versus IT staff has in setting green priorities, the percentage of storage buyers considering green features in their purchases, and the potential for premium pricing of products based on those products on “green” features/capabilities. Presented by Bill Crowley, SVP of International, TechTarget. Download the report.

The Google/TechTarget Research Report: How IT Pros Search during the Purchase Process UK Edition

Gain strategic and tactical insights on how to better align keywords and online media to the IT purchase process. This concise report gives IT marketers the tools to make smarter media and content choices for their 2009 online marketing plan. Download the report.

Case Studies in Europe

Dell SecureWorks

When Dell SecureWorks was looking to increase lead quality and get unprecedented insight into activities taken by those campaign leads within United Kingdom, Benelux and Nordic regions, they turned to TechTarget's dashboard and Nurture & Notify™ solutions. Download this case study to learn how TechTarget delivers 4x the engagement and stronger sales conversions.


When AppSense was looking for a media partner to promote its user virtualization solutions and generate leads within organisations embarking on Microsoft® Windows® 7 migrations in the UK, Norway, Sweeden, Denmark, Iceland, France and Australia/New Zealand, they turned to TechTarget. Specifically, they were looking to generate high-quality leads of IT decision-makers at 500+ employee enterprises with active, budgeted Windows 7 migration projects in the next year. Download this case study to learn how TechTarget delivered 40-to-1 online ROI for AppSense.

TechTarget Worldwide ROI Summit in Europe: The only event dedicated to technology marketing

Intelligence Driven Marketing This exclusive, senior technology marketing event demonstrated all the latest, successful online lead generation marketing techniques, brand engagement metrics, social media strategies, methods to prove ROI, and new best practices proven by hundreds of recent campaigns and new research.

The Worldwide ROI Summit is coming to Europe, register now and save your seats for our upcoming events.



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