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How Shoppers’ Stop, India largest departmental store chain, decides on IT purchase

Get an inside look at the IT purchasing process at Shoppers Stop Group, a pioneer in the Indian retail sector and the country’s largest department store chain. Download the interview.

Explore the IT organization and technology purchase process at India’s Essar Steel

The IT research and buying process is quite a challenge for India’s Essar Steel, part of the manufacturing, services and telecom conglomerate Essar Group. Not only does the CIO have to conform to the standards set by the Group CIO of the Essar Group, he also has to recognize the unique requirements of various business heads at Essar Steel. In this exclusive interview with TechTarget, Sunil Aradhye, CIO of Essar Steel, shares interesting insights into how the company makes it’s IT purchasing decisions. Download the interview.

Understanding how one large Indian organization makes IT purchases

In an interview with TechTarget India, VS Parthasarathy, Group CIO, EVP Finance & M&A, Member of Group Executive Board, Mahindra & Mahindra, the auto to aviation conglomerate, offers insight into how they have adopted a "collaborative approach" to technology purchasing. Download the interview.

How India's largest BPO purchase information security solutions

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are often cagey about sharing the confidential details of the information security research process or the finer points of their evaluation criteria. In an exclusive interview with TechTarget India, Raja Vijay Kumar, the CISO of Genpact, India's largest BPO, sheds some light on how his organization evaluates information security solutions before deciding on a purchase. Download the interview.

Q&A: An insider’s view of technology marketing in India

Sandeep Ajgaonkar, TechTarget's country manager for India, explains how marketers can effectively reach Indian IT buyers. He offers India-specific insights on how IT departments conduct research, describes best practices for collecting and utilizing lead data, and provides advice on avoiding common marketing mistakes. Download the Q&A.

Market Research in India

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part Three: Making smarter content choices for different countries

This research brief addresses the types of content that resonates best from market to market. Discover how EMEA and APAC nations agree and differ on content type preferences when researching technology products, solutions and vendors and how you can leverage this information enhance your international marketing strategies. Download this research brief.

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part Two: Shifting behaviors in international buyer research and engagement

This research brief explores the shift EMEA and APAC IT buyers are taking towards online environments for research and vendor engagement. Learn about the new research behaviors and preferences of the international IT buyer and how you can leverage this information enhance your international marketing strategies. Download this research brief.

Understanding and Influencing the International IT Buyer Part One: Common Attributes of International IT Buyers

This new research brief is the first installment of a four-part TechTarget Global Marketer Services series that helps technology marketers better understand the unique composition and research preferences of IT buyers across 10 different geographies. Get a full profile of the International IT Buyers you are marketing to and find answers to important questions that have implications for your go-to-market strategies. Download this research brief.

2012 Profiling the APAC IT Buyer for Effective Media Planning

Surveying over 1,100 APAC IT buyers, this research will guide marketers to develop successful marketing plans in APAC. Discover the differences in buyer profiles/patterns within some of the key markets in APAC. Download the report.

2012 India CIO IT Priorities Survey

Check out results of the 2012 India CIO IT Priorities Survey of 400 IT decision makers and influencers on their enterprise IT priorities for the year. The survey will provide insights into the state of IT budgets, anticipated hardware and software investments, and how cloud computing and virtualization will shape future IT initiatives. Download the report.

Profiling the Indian IT buyer for Effective Media Planning

This survey of 320 IT decision makers in India provides marketers with insights in to the Indian technology buyer, identifies misconceptions and showcases unique aspects of the Indian research process to help build more effective India-focused marketing plans. Download the report.

2011 Global Media and Brand Consumption Survey

Check out the results of TechTarget's latest Global Media and Brand Consumption Survey on how IT pros in India conduct IT purchasing research. This survey of 445 Indian IT buyers highlights how Indian IT researchers respond to topically-focused editorial and marketing messaging and offers insight into how marketers can maximize ROI on advertising and lead generation in India. Download the report.

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