Understanding Enterprise Application decision-making

When it comes to deploying business applications, every company’s implementation journey starts with a strategic decision to either buy a packaged application or build one from scratch.  Based upon the strategy a company chooses, the purchasing dynamics change, as does the composition of the buying team. TechTarget recognizes that buying decisions are made by a combination of the business decision-makers who drive the strategy and the IT owners tasked with making this strategy a reality for the enterprise. To this end, our coverage suits the needs of both of these very important Business Application stakeholders.

As a marketer, you need to know which choice a company has made so you can gauge your marketing approach. Your first, best strategic decision should be to partner with TechTarget. No other technology publisher covers the specific pain points and options associated with buying versus building business applications.

Enterprise Application Decision-Making Process



Application development strategy

Business applications

Business agility and integration

Information management

Application lifecycle management

Business intelligence and analytics

TechTarget’s Application Architecture and Development-focused content engages an audience looking to develop custom enterprise applications and platforms to address the needs of their business. To learn more about buying the right business applications and leveraging enterprise data for competitive advantage, consult TechTarget's Business Applications and Analytics media.

TechTarget application architecture and development websites

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Application Architecture and Development

Influence buying decisions and maximize your marketing investment across the application lifecycle

Application development is a complex, rapidly evolving environment with many moving parts. To influence buying decisions and maximize your marketing investment, you need access to your target audience – from VPs of Software Development, Architects, Project Managers, IT managers, QA Managers, to Developers --  across the application lifecycle. From Application Development Strategy to Application Lifecycle Management to Business Agility Integration, over 2.3 million business and IT pros around the world trust TechTarget Application Architecture and Development media to deliver the information they need to make critical business and technical decisions.

And we want them to be engaged with your company’s products and solutions, too. That’s why we host top-flight content and deliver innovative capabilities to enable you to deliver your brand and message to the people who make the buying decisions.

Application Development Strategy

When an organization chooses to build rather than buy the required software functionality, business and technology managers team up to make strategic development and purchasing decisions. TechTarget is able to identify these teams -- your potential customers  -- as they conduct their research and information-gathering activities.

We compare on-premises and cloud-based applications development deployment models, offering editorial content and comparative analysis on key PaaS technologies. We can also target specific Oracle, SQL and SAP developers working on Mission critical applications. This strategic content is highly valued by organizations looking to adopt technology that makes cloud optimization and utilization possible.

With dedicated content to support every language from Java to .NET to PHP, we help you reach and engage developers and professionals specifically building and designing applications in very specific environments. We also cover collaboration tools that drive teamwork between workgroups, enterprises and even between external partners, suppliers and customers.

Our content appeals to forward-thinking professionals striving to keep pace with rapid innovation in areas such as web-based applications, services, communication and mobile devices. Their reliance on TechTarget is proven by the sheer volume of activities taken around application development -- 6 million in the last 12 months.

To meet the needs of our readers for the latest information on application development trends, technology and best practices, our editorial team supplies a steady stream of original, expert content around application development. As a marketer, you’ll find that TechTarget offers opportunities unmatched in the industry to put your organization’s brand and message in front of this influential audience.

Application Lifecycle Management

The job is not over when an application has been built and deployed. The organization must now support and manage it throughout its lifecycle. Once again, TechTarget is the go-to source for information.

In the last 12 months, application professionals took over 3.4 million activities around Application Lifecycle Management. In the same time period, our editorial team published over 300 expert content pieces on every stage of the application lifecycle from implementing the development process and managing requirements to testing for security, performance and functionality. 

Our audience trusts us to deliver timely, original material on improving development team productivity and managing the development and QA process for web, transactional e-commerce, BI, ERP, mobile, cloud-based and enterprise-level applications Our content covers all the key areas within the application lifecycle including: requirements management, project management, QA/Testing, application security and release management,. At the same time, marketers trust us to deliver high-quality leads and serious prospects to help them make the most of their marketing lifecycles.

Look below for more information about TechTarget’s expert contributors and innovative programs for Application Lifecycle Management.

Business Agility and Integration

As People, processes and information continue to be  considered a competitive advantage; enterprises need to react faster to business demands and improve their business processes.

Many of our users are challenged with building and maintaining an application infrastructure to support application integration concerns, such as integrating legacy applications with modern, more flexible, architectures. Another important issue in this market is application and cloud architecture where users are actively researching solutions and best practices across our network to address these key challenges.

Our extensive cloud-focused content targets buyers researching cloud integration platforms that can provide easy, flexible, near-real time integration between cloud and on-premises. We also reach departmental buying teams responsible for purchasing CRM, operations, sales, marketing, finance, and HR BPM solutions.

TechTarget’s serious audience of business and IT pros took over 7 million activities around Business Agility and Integration technologies in the last 12 months. In that same time frame, our editorial team published over 650+ expert content pieces written by some of the leading theoreticians and technologists in the industry. For marketers, integrating with TechTarget should lead the list of activities designed to engage real buyers and fill their sales pipeline with highly qualified leads.

Look below for more information about TechTarget’s innovative programs for Business Agility and Integration.

The most reputable experts in the industry

Tim Huenemann


Tim Huenemann
Senior Principal for Business Architecture and Process Management
Trexin Consulting

Tod Biske


Todd Biske
Enterprise Architect
Global publishing industry

Mike Ogrinz


Mike Ogrinz

Principal Architect
Bank of America

Lisa Crispin


Lisa Crispin

Agile testing coach and practitioner

Reza Rahman


Reza Rahman

Consultant and Java EE Specialist


Leverage our market-leading resources for Application Architects, Development Managers, Developers and Software Testers

Enterprise application development is comprised of complex technologies, varying programming languages, unique developer communities and rapidly changing business needs. TechTarget meets the information needs of the entire software development team including, architects, application development managers, software testers and developers with a portfolio of 10 web sites and focused events covering both server side and client side technologies. Our web sites, conferences and virtual events provide comprehensive coverage of SOA, Business Process Management (BPM), Agile Development, software development tools and open source solutions for application development pros working in Java as well as .NET.

TechTarget provides technology vendors access to a strong global audience and can customize campaigns to target site members and visitors in the specific country or region of your choice.

Extend your marketing initiatives in key segments

CIO-SrITCIO and senior IT management reach
Align your brand with the trusted resource for CIOs and senior technology decision-makers.

GlobalGlobal leadership
Simplify global marketing and get to market faster in all the regions you care about with TechTarget.

SocialSocial engagement
Innovative opportunities to spark peer-to-peer conversation and directly connect with your prospects.

ChannelChannel growth
Unique programs to generate leads, recruit partners, and educate and communicate to your channel.

HealthCareITHealthcare technology marketing
Influence active buyers at the intersection of healthcare policy and core healthcare technologies.


Activity Intelligence™

High-Definition Tools for the Intelligence-Driven Marketer

High Definition LeadsTechTarget’s innovative Activity Intelligence™ platform delivers marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement to provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands. Activity Intelligence gives marketers real-time visibility of technology professionals' buying process and specific online interactions to strategically identify the right audiences and the best pipeline opportunities. Built on a proprietary centralized warehouse that catalogues millions of activities that members take with the content they access across our expansive global network, an in-depth preference profile is created for each user, providing specific insight to anticipate their needs and engage them as they are researching solutions for an active project. This platform powers a wide array of TechTarget products and reporting services, including Activity Intelligence Dashboard and Nurture & Notify, helping marketers capitalize on this insight and guidance to enable their sales teams and better engage prospects to drive stronger ROI on marketing efforts.

Learn more about Activity Intelligence

Client Consulting

The industry’s first and only expert global team committed to maximizing your marketing ROI

ROI ConsultingTo understand why TechTarget has always been a true pioneer in proving ROI and delivering measurable results for our customers, you need look no further than our award-winning Client Consulting department. Client Consulting is a global team of marketing experts providing you with in-depth strategic guidance as they manage your campaigns from start to finish, delivering the hands-on reporting expertise, and a range of value-added services to maximize your TechTarget investments. Comprised of a core group of advertising agency veterans, technology marketing practitioners, and former consultants, Client Consulting consistently delivers unmatched ROI for marketers behind the strength of over 100 years of collective marketing experience combined with knowledge and best practices learned from managing more than 10,000 online marketing programs.

Learn more about TechTarget Client Consulting

Featured marketing programs

Application Development E-Zines

Raise awareness for your brand and receive guaranteed leads by sponsoring TechTarget E-Zine bi-monthly online publications. They allow you to connect with a loyal readership of IT and business decision makers, raise awareness for your brand, and receive guaranteed leads for two-month sponsorships.

Cloud Development Digest E-Zine

delivers a comprehensive look at how development professionals should be leveraging the cloud to reduce costs, increase developer productivity, and minimize the administrative headaches of maintaining a large, in-house data center.

ALM and Agile Strategies E-Zine

examines key trends, challenges and best practices in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Agile development.

Business Agility Insights E-Zine

focuses on the tools and methods used to improve business agility and responsiveness, including business process management, event-processing technologies, decision management and related technologies.


Seminar sponsors have the opportunity to both present to and network with qualified, invite-only IT and business professionals from organizations with 100+ employees. All sponsors receive full contact and demographic data for seminar attendees.

Enterprise Java Strategies Seminar

The one-day event will feature leading minds in the Java community who will share knowledge and insights into how to make the right decisions about application development, cloud services and middleware strategies.

Empowering Business Agility Seminar

The one-day event, hosted on June 14th in New York City, will present strategic information on enterprise-wide BPM strategies, complex event processing (CEP) and modern decision management technologies, cloud and on-premises systems integration techniques and business-agility program delivery.

Interactive Universities and Classrooms

Our interactive universities and classrooms align your brand and message with high-quality, educational and topically focused editorial content in an online learning environment. Classroom sponsors gain increased visibility with a targeted and engaged audience and guaranteed sales leads.

Enterprise Java University

On June 12th, TheServerSide will launch the new Enterprise Java University for Java pros, exploring trends that are shaping the application landscape such as cloud development, mobile development, middleware strategies and core Java topics.

Application Lifecycle Management Interactive Classroom

An online learning environment where software architects, project managers, test managers and senior developers can dig deep into application lifecycle management’s key stages.

Innovative products and custom solutions to drive your brand

You demand marketing performance. TechTarget delivers it.

Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, create demand, or develop deeper social engagement, experience how TechTarget's portfolio of online, face-to-face, and mobile products and custom solutions power better marketing programs to achieve the results you need.

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