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It wasn’t so long ago that the importance of the data center had become overshadowed by new emerging technologies that captured the attention of senior technology decision-makers. The data center had been misperceived as nothing more than commoditized hardware solutions overseen by the "wires and pliers" contingent of the IT staff. But times have changed. Data centers are now the center of today’s hottest technologies and an essential driving factor of any enterprise technology strategy.

TechTarget has always been a leader in this market. We never abandoned the data center, never lost sight of the fact that it was critical to the overall performance, efficiency and service levels provided by IT. Our dedicated coverage has built and continues to sustain trust with a loyal audience that is highly relevant to IT vendors as they battle for market share in consolidation, virtualization, cloud and emerging flexible computing infrastructures.

By aligning your brand and message with our comprehensive coverage of the technologies driving today's infrastructure advancements, you’ll connect with the industry’s largest audience of active data center pros. With a wide range of innovative marketing approaches at all budget levels, we are uniquely positioned to help you turn our readers into your customers.

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Attracting high-quality prospects with deep and detailed content

No other media company can approach TechTarget’s Data Center-focused depth and breadth of content. Our network of 13 sites dedicated to better management of the data center enables deep dives in very specific data center topics such systems management, data center design, mainframe servers, server virtualization and power and cooling. And backed by the TechTarget network of over 100 technology-focused websites, no one covers the impact of key areas of IT such as security, storage, networking and application delivery on the Data Center like we do.

With 2,900 articles discussing data center technologies already in the network, our team of 20+ editors and independent experts consistently create over 50 new pieces of objective content each month. Users at all stages of the buying cycle will find what they’re looking for amid the deep, high-quality cross section of content.

TechTarget offers in-depth analyses of upcoming technology and new trends in the industry. Our experts understand complex issues and give guidance in emerging areas such as data center colocation, managed hosting and energy efficient infrastructures.

Our contributors include Robert Crawford, veteran systems programmer and operations architect, and Robert McFarlane, principal in charge of data center design for the international consulting firm Shen Milsom and Wilke LLC.
Recently created editorial content covers a range of topics including monitoring data center power consumption; what to expect from integrated data center infrastructure; network infrastructure planning for a virtual environment; the place of microservers in data centers; and the reallocation of unused server and storage hardware.

It makes good marketing sense to align with TechTarget’ s Data Center focused content. As the world’s number-one data center media outlet, we’re focused on creating content that helps data center decision makers do their job -- and helps marketers turn those decision makers into customers.

Sample data center editorial content:

The most reputable experts in the industry

Alex Barrett


Alex Barrett
Senior Executive Editor, Data Center & Virtualization Media

Robert Crawford


Robert Crawford

Systems Programmer

Robert McFarlane


Robert McFarlane

Principal, Data Center Design
Shen, Milsom, and Wilke Consulting

Ed Scannell


Ed Scannell
Senior Executive Editor, Data Center & Virtualization Media,

Opening up a world of data center administrators, architects and IT teams to your products, services and solutions

For over a decade our loyal TechTarget Data Center audience has relied on our universe of content for general knowledge, on-the-job support, and guidance in making strategic buying decisions. We engage the data center administrators, architects and IT teams responsible for complex data center operations around the world and unlike other technology publishers, we’ve been there for them all along.

Ours is a very serious audience of data center pros. 87% of our members are involved in data center purchases; 47% are from enterprise organizations with 1,000 or more employees; and 43% hold the position of IT manager or higher. We make it easy for you to reach into this audience and connect with your key segments through our targeted sites, granular taxonomies and pinpoint messaging through our Activity Intelligence™ platform.

The TechTarget Data Center audience trusts the content that we provide to guide them to what they really need to know in order to solve problems and make the right buying decisions. We must be doing something right. Our extremely engaged members took more than 14.5 million activities in 2011 and they show no signs of slowing down in 2012. You should be a part of this. 

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Building your business with strategic, innovative programs

With TechTarget Data Center-focused media, you can choose from a wide variety of online sponsorship options to reach your target audience. These range from syndication/promotion of sponsor-provided content assets, editorial/contextual alignment, multi-sponsor packages, video, face to face, custom media, demand generation and branding

We carry your brand and message with a number of innovative programs such as the Interactive Data Center. This new online learning environment explores the impact of strategic IT initiatives such as energy efficiency, consolidation and cloud computing on data center operations. 

Another popular program is Data Center University. Its dynamic format supports editorial alignment, user interaction with your multimedia content, dynamic branding, social and demand-gen functions.

Our Expert Briefs in Q&A format offer you the opportunity to align with original expert content across a number of topic areas.

The Interactive Classroom is an interactive lead-generation vehicle. It features expert content and vendor solutions on important issues facing data center professionals.  

The Interactive Data Center is a new online learning environment that explores the impact of strategic IT initiatives such as energy efficiency, consolidation and cloud computing. Exclusive sponsorship is available to generate targeted leads of IT decision-makers actively searching for advice and guidance related to data center management.

A Topical Info Center is a cluster of pages across the TechTarget network with news, analysis and tips on a specific data center topic. As a sponsor, your banners and content links appear on each page.

Take advantage of the industry’s best content, audience and capabilities to build your business by partnering with TechTarget’s Data Center-focused media.

Extend your marketing initiatives in key segments

CIO-SrITCIO and senior IT management reach
Align your brand with the trusted resource for CIOs and senior technology decision-makers.

GlobalGlobal leadership
Simplify global marketing and get to market faster in all the regions you care about with TechTarget.

SocialSocial engagement
Innovative opportunities to spark peer-to-peer conversation and directly connect with your prospects.

ChannelChannel growth
Unique programs to generate leads, recruit partners, and educate and communicate to your channel.

HealthCareITHealthcare technology marketing
Influence active buyers at the intersection of healthcare policy and core healthcare technologies.


Activity Intelligence™

High-Definition Tools for the Intelligence-Driven Marketer

High Definition LeadsTechTarget’s innovative Activity Intelligence™ platform delivers marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement to provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands. Activity Intelligence gives marketers real-time visibility of technology professionals' buying process and specific online interactions to strategically identify the right audiences and the best pipeline opportunities. Built on a proprietary centralized warehouse that catalogues millions of activities that members take with the content they access across our expansive global network, an in-depth preference profile is created for each user, providing specific insight to anticipate their needs and engage them as they are researching solutions for an active project. This platform powers a wide array of TechTarget products and reporting services, including Activity Intelligence Dashboard and Nurture & Notify, helping marketers capitalize on this insight and guidance to enable their sales teams and better engage prospects to drive stronger ROI on marketing efforts.

Learn more about Activity Intelligence

Client Consulting

The industry’s first and only expert global team committed to maximizing your marketing ROI

ROI ConsultingTo understand why TechTarget has always been a true pioneer in proving ROI and delivering measurable results for our customers, you need look no further than our award-winning Client Consulting department. Client Consulting is a global team of marketing experts providing you with in-depth strategic guidance as they manage your campaigns from start to finish, delivering the hands-on reporting expertise, and a range of value-added services to maximize your TechTarget investments. Comprised of a core group of advertising agency veterans, technology marketing practitioners, and former consultants, Client Consulting consistently delivers unmatched ROI for marketers behind the strength of over 100 years of collective marketing experience combined with knowledge and best practices learned from managing more than 10,000 online marketing programs.

Learn more about TechTarget Client Consulting

Featured data center programs

Interactive Data Center

The Interactive Data Center is a new online learning environment that explores how many aspects of a data center are impacted by strategic IT initiatives such as energy efficiency, consolidation and cloud computing.  Sponsorship of the Interactive Data Center is available on exclusive basis and gives the sponsor the opportunity to contextually align their content and solutions with each element presented in the environment while generating targeted leads of IT decision-makers actively searching for advice and guidance related to data center management. Q&A E-Brief

Expert Briefs in Q&A format offer a sponsor the opportunity to align with original expert content.  They take a variety of approaches to get at targeted, in-depth information.  They can tackle technology overviews (beyond basics), technology trends, how to solve a problem, how to make an informed buying decision, best practices, etc.  The Q&As could run from 2-3 PDF pages, and would have at least 5 questions per Expert brief. Available topics include:

  • Considering the distributed data center
  • Getting the most from system management reporting and alerting features
  • Preparing for downtime in outsourced IT
  • Identifying and resolving point cooling issues in the data center
  • Getting the most from server maintenance agreements
  • Protecting yourself in the IT counterfeit (gray) market

Interactive Classrooms

The Interactive Classroom is an interactive destination featuring expert content and vendor solutions on important issues facing data center professionals.  As a sponsor of an Interactive classroom you will receive all leads of registered visitors and leads of downloaders of expert and vendor content syndicated in the TechTarget network for 3 months.  Available topics include:

  • Free Cooling
  • Data Center Hardware
  • Data Center Network Switches

Data Center Topical Info Center

A Topical Info Center is a cluster of pages across our data center sites that contains content (e.g. news, analysis, tips, etc.) primarily associated to a specific data center topic.  Users at all stages of the buying cycle will find what they’re looking for amid the expansive cross section of content.  As a sponsor, your banners and content links appear on each page that makes up the Topical Info Center. Topical Info Centers are available on the following topics:

  • Application Performance Management
  • Data Center Room Design
  • Data Center Standards and Metrics
  • Data Center Backup & Storage
  • Data Center Networking
  • Info Systems Management / IT Governance / ITIL
  • Power & Cooling / Green
  • Server Hardware
  • Mainframes Data Center Hosting / Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Careers
  • Server Virtualization


Innovative products and custom solutions to drive your brand

You demand marketing performance. TechTarget delivers it.

Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, create demand, or develop deeper social engagement, experience how TechTarget's portfolio of online, face-to-face, and mobile products and custom solutions power better marketing programs to achieve the results you need.

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Our customers

Data Center Sponosrs

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Sean Matthews

Sales Director
TechTarget Data Center and Virtualization Media
Office Phone: 617-431-9414
Cell Phone: 508-868-7796

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When Composite Software, a leading provider of data virtualization technology, wanted to capture higher quality leads for their inside sales team to help increase prospect and meeting conversion rates, they turned to TechTarget and its Activity Intelligence™ platform and dashboard to help them achieve this goal. Download the case study.

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