Reaching the right team of decision-makers who drive Disaster Recovery and Compliance

In the face of increasingly virtualized, dynamic and interconnected IT environments, life has gotten a lot tougher for technology professionals focused on deploying Disaster Recovery (DR) and Compliance solutions to safeguard their organizations.

Without a sophisticated and comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Compliance strategy, CIOs, security and compliance professionals and storage managers are placing their organizations at great risk.

Your products and services can help them, but how can you reach and influence the key players making the when they are researching solutions and making buying decisions? The answer is really quite simple: associate your brand with TechTarget’s in-depth Disaster Recovery and Compliance content, and leverage TechTarget’s multiple delivery vehicles to reach your target audience. With over 9,000 articles and over 50 specific Disaster Recovery and Compliance related topics across our network, only TechTarget provides the depth of content and strategic information to help each of these stakeholders find the information they need relative to their specific role. The result is a steady stream of highly qualified leads focused on the areas you care about most and a higher return on your marketing investment.

Planning and management for the CIO

The CIO must orchestrate aspects of different projects to raise the overall level of Disaster Recovery and Compliance. If a company is consolidating its data centers by building virtual server farms, can the plan improve disaster readiness? If a cloud initiative seems like a good idea to reduce cost and speed time to market, can those cloud services be audited smoothly and efficiently? Those are critical questions and CIOs and their teams turn to TechTarget for the answers. Your opportunity to reach and influence them starts with our enterprise disaster recovery planning and business continuity management coverage.

Tools, strategies and advice for security and compliance professionals

Once the CIO and Senior IT management sets the overall direction, disaster recovery and compliance policies must be generated by a partnership between business and IT. Security professionals often play a pivotal role in the decision-making and deployment process. TechTarget’s provides security pros with deep coverage of the issue, starting with security audit and compliance standards. We help them create their data protection strategy, including the encryption strategies. From there, we provide broad and deep coverage of the many tools they can choose, ranging from database security management to email protection to dealing with security breaches.

In addition to protecting data and recovering from disasters, security and compliance professionals must demonstrate that they have taken all the necessary steps and those steps have been effective. On, they can find the latest interpretations of regulations like HIPAA and PCI. They can also research tools like log management and get state-of-the-art advice on the right audit processes to put in place.

Technology guidance for storage managers

Disaster Recovery and Compliance ultimately mean more and different storage technologies to hold, protect and retrieve data. On, storage managers can dive into the options for archiving corporate data. They can get guidance from top experts on the best way to create, test and maintain disaster recovery plans. Disaster recovery storage doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Well-designed systems start with the right primary storage choices, which are extensively covered on

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Featured programs to engage the most active Disaster Recovery and Compliance teams in the market

TechTarget only puts your brand and solutions in front of real, active technology buyers. Over 87% of our Disaster Recovery and Compliance audience are actively involved in purchase decisions, and collectively have taken over 4 million research buying activities in support of active projects in the past 12 months. TechTarget has a wide array of targeted programs designed to help you reach, engage, and influence each member of DR and compliance buying teams, whether they are senior IT management focused on driving vital organizational strategy, or security and storage buyers influencing policy and recommending the solutions that will address specific technology needs. Here is an example of the types of sponsorships available for marketers in all of these areas. To learn about these and any other sponsorships or how you can build a custom program to meet your needs, contact Amy Panza.

Storage Seminar: Disaster Recovery for the 21st Century

In this seminar, Jon Toigo CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners will cover “the old and the new” elements of disaster recovery planning. The “old” includes the unavoidable but tried-and-true steps toward constructing an effective DR plan: weighing risks and vulnerabilities; defining critical applications; inventorying resources, delegating responsibilities and assessing current capabilities. It’s on the “new” side of the equation where we see the most change in how companies can prepare for service interruptions and recover quickly and gracefully.

Storage Exclusive Virtual Seminar: Disaster Recovery

Developing a disaster recovery plan is a time-consuming and labor-intensive effort, but testing a plan can be even more of a disruption. New apps that can scan a DR scenario and identify gaps in coverage can help trim back the time it takes to effectively test DR plans.

Storage Essential Guide: Cloud Backup and Cloud Disaster Recovery

The earliest and still most used cloud storage services were designed for backing up small organizations’ data. Today, many of those services have upgrade their products to serve enterprise clients as well. According to Storage magazine/ research, the next most popular application for cloud storage is disaster recovery. Combined with server virtualization, cloud storage can provide an agile, inexpensive route to business continuity. Interactive Classroom in the Storage University: Crafting an Effective Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Strategy

Many of the data storage strategy issues facing CIOs today concern efforts to bolster the enterprise's business continuity and disaster recovery. Here's what senior IT leadership needs to consider when crafting a BC/DR strategy, and the storage resources to consider or avoid. This classroom will discuss:

  • Pros and cons of SAN and NAS from a BC/DR perspective
  • The effectiveness of specialized BC/DR storage strategies such as instant replication and off-site storage
  • The role of the cloud in a modern BC/DR storage strategy Theme Month Sponsorship: Business Continuity Auditing

Business continuity and disaster recovery have been on the corporate radar for several years. But increased regulatory pressure and new requirements continue to make this an area of evolving concern for compliance officers and IT administrators. This topic will cover:

  • New and changing regulatory requirements for safeguarding, producing and restoring enterprise data
  • Effective IT disaster recovery strategies for compliance officers
  • How mobile data and cloud use affects business continuity and recovery efforts
  • Tools and infrastructure to address the compliance aspects of BC and DR Need to Know E-Brief: Disaster Recovery

What do CIOs and senior IT executives need to know about disaster recovery? In this Need to Know e-brief the answers include common planning mistakes, how to make the business case for DR, cost savings and efficiency tactics, and how virtualization can contribute to economical, well-structured recovery.

Enterprise CIO Decisions E-Book: Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Strategies

Virtualization and cloud computing make it possible for enterprise organizations to future proof IT and business operations against disasters. These technologies and services may also be the answer to a growing threat: core data residing on smartphones and tablet PCs. This e-book will explore the benefits and risk of relying on the cloud for disaster recovery, how virtualization technologies can keep your employees productive when a disaster occurs and why enterprise organizations are starting to shape disaster recovery strategies around mobile devices. and V-Seminar: Overcoming Security Barriers for Cloud Success: What the Business Needs to Know

Cloud computing is here to stay, but its ultimate success – and yours – depends on how well cloud providers and businesses can come together on security and compliance. The best approach is a realistic one, one that considers the threats as well and effectiveness of cloud applications. This Virtual Seminar by and will look at ways to "sell" security to upper management and usability to information managers.

Always-On ARMA Information Governance Symposium

The ARMA and Information Governance Symposium is a virtual, educational environment designed to provide progressive learning content to IT and compliance decision makers. Inside this interactive setting, attendees will gain valuable insight from four separate classrooms, each covering a specific topic within information governance. The classrooms provide in-depth coverage around popular information governance issues, including: a guide to successfully apply the GARP principles, the potential behind e-discovery in the cloud, which technologies can simplify digital convergence and much more.

Cloud Compliance Supercast: Cloudy forecast for regulatory programs

Moving critical data and applications to the cloud? Your organization’s risks and liabilities are different that with traditional IT computing. This supercast will help your security organization map out a compliance strategy for cloud computing that includes not only meeting the sundry industry and federal regulations, but how you can do so while keeping a grip on your existing efforts around data protection, partner management, audit and testing. You’ll also learn what assurances you need to get in writing from your provider around access controls, incident response and more.

PCI DSS Supercast

Now that the PCI Security Standards Council has moved to a three-year update cycle for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, merchants will have more time to improve their compliance with the standard. That, however, doesn’t mean the standard remains stagnant while waiting for a major update. Guidance on emerging technologies and strategies is released periodically. This Technical Guide will cover recent guidance releases since the last major update, including tokenization, virtualization, and encryption including end-to-end encryption.

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