Engage and interact with health IT buying teams making decisions now

TechTarget enables you to engage and interact with the industry’s largest, most active community of health IT professionals. Meet them at the intersection of health care policy and core technologies where critical buying decisions are being made on a daily basis.

Uniquely, TechTarget provides two approaches to your prospective customers. The first is through SearchHealthIT.com, our finely focused health IT venue. Unlike specialty health IT sites that feature more talk than action, SearchHealthIT.com details how health IT teams are actually making strategic decisions and purchases.

The second approach is through our robust network of over 100 websites featuring deep content on the fundamental technologies underpinning health IT solutions – storage, security, network infrastructure, data protection and much, much more. This two-pronged approach is the only way to cover the complex world at the juncture of health care compliance and computing.

Yet policy and technology are nothing without people. That’s why we created a dedicated virtual health IT community – HealthIT Exchange – the only online health IT community topically integrated with a health IT site. HealthIT Exchange enables IT pros to network with their peers while offering marketers myriad ways to engage this active audience through social media and virtual events driven by topnotch health IT experts.

Health Care IT websites

Health IT Exchange

Delivering comprehensive coverage of health IT compliance and core technologies

The compliance and regulatory challenges faced by health IT professionals are thorny and complex. That’s why TechTarget’s health IT content and interaction focuses on the most pressing compliance topics including PACS, HIPAA/HITECH, Meaningful Use, Health Information Exchange, EHR and ICD-10 codes.

TechTarget has tracked 60,000 buying activities taken around health care security and compliance alone in the last 12 months. In a recent SearchHealthIT.com Purchasing Intentions Survey, 47% of respondents said EHR was the number one driver of IT changes in their organization.

Our content is guided by some of health IT’s brightest stars including John D. Halamka, MD, MS, the CIO/Dean of Technology, Harvard Medical School; Reda Chouffani, Vice President of Development, Biz Technology Solutions, Inc.; and André Jenkins, Entity Information Officer, Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania.

We help health IT teams cut through regulatory “noise” and understand how core technologies intersect with compliance in areas such as mobile health, storage, virtualization, security, networking, business applications and data protection. As a marketer, you can precisely link your campaigns to quality content to reach thousands of active health executives searching for solutions.

Snapshot: Recent In-depth articles for serious health care IT buyers across our network

Can your products, services and expertise help address specific health care IT challenges? Then align your messaging with the content that speaks to these specific challenges. Here is a quick snapshot showing the issues being addressed by health care IT pros across our network:

The most reputable experts in the industry

John D. Halamka


John D. Halamka, MD, MS
CIO/Dean of Technology
Harvard Medical School

Reda Chouffani


Reda Chouffani
Vice President of Development
Biz Technology Solutions, Inc.

André Jenkins


André Jenkins

Entity Information Officer

Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn Health System)

Brien Posey


Brien Posey

Microsoft MVP

Al Gallant


Al Gallant

Director of Technical Services
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

A serious, active audience collaborating on critical health IT buying decisions

TechTarget’s health IT audience is broad-based. It ranges from CIOs, CMIOs, VPs and directors to medical records and IT managers and their staffs. No matter who is charge of health IT buying, we get you to the right people and the right teams at the right time.

This active audience works across the spectrum of health care organizations – from providers to payers – pursuing the successful application of fundamental technology within the framework of compliance and regulation. Over 75% of US hospitals are represented within the TechTarget audience. 48% of our health IT members have budgets of $5 million or more and 59% of our members have titles of IT manager or higher.

Topics that have drawn the most attention in TechTarget’s healthcare domain over the last 12 months include security with 55,000 activities, and storage with more than 100,000. In the last 6 months, Storage has seen a 96% increase in activity, Security has seen an 86% increase in activity, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics have seen a 99% increase in activity, and Mobile Devices have seen a 117% increase in activity.

Clearly, TechTarget provides health IT marketers with a sizable, serious, active audience of health IT professionals making critical buying decisions.

Top 5 SearchHealthIT.com topics

Number of activities in the last 12 months

Number of articles written on each topic in the last 12 months

Number of leads generated across these topics in the last 12 months

Unmatched editorial, social, and face-to-face marketing solutions to engage active health IT buyers

Using demand generation branding and social media programs we deliver high-quality content to highly qualified health IT prospects. We focus on today’s most pressing HIPAA compliance challenges aligned specifically with niche health care technologies.

Key to your success, our health IT products aren’t created in a vacuum. They’re based on what we’ve learned about our audience from hundreds of thousands of activities throughout the buying cycle. We look at numbers like 20,000+ active healthcare users exploring data center topics, logging a 115% increase in page views in the past year. Or more than 13,000 active users on SearchHealthIT.com researching healthcare networking, clocking a 132% increase in traffic year-over-year.

Our HealthIT Exchange community fosters a growing number of networking opportunities, including virtual trade seminars, educational webcasts and interactive chats. TechTarget fields other cutting-edge health IT deliverables such as e-zines, microsites, custom media programs, and virtual classrooms. We ensure you have a balanced media mix connecting your brand with buyers from the initial research phase to the buying decision.

Covering critical topics such as HIPAA, Health Care Virtualization and Meaningful Use/HIE, Health Care IT Virtual Seminars allow sponsors to combine the benefits of face-to-face events with the power and interactivity of an online environment via interactive technology. Our Health IT classrooms focus on a specific health care technology, providing our audience with essential information for making critical buying decisions.

Our social community programs include “Tweet n’ Meet” events held at health care industry events and live chats with experts. Add-on opportunities to TechTarget’s premier events include Storage Decisions, Information Security Decisions, BriForum, as well as Custom Health IT events in both the US and UK. In addition, TechTarget conducts in-depth surveys on current topics of interest such as purchasing intentions, health care analytics and business intelligence; and health IT, HIPAA and security.

TechTarget’s health IT content and capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. They deliver unique opportunities, enabling you to engage with this highly specialized audience before the buying decision is made.

Extend your marketing initiatives in key segments

CIO-SrITCIO and senior IT management reach
Align your brand with the trusted resource for CIOs and senior technology decision-makers.

GlobalGlobal leadership
Simplify global marketing and get to market faster in all the regions you care about with TechTarget.

SocialSocial engagement
Innovative opportunities to spark peer-to-peer conversation and directly connect with your prospects.

ChannelChannel growth
Unique programs to generate leads, recruit partners, and educate and communicate to your channel.

HealthCareITHealthcare technology marketing
Influence active buyers at the intersection of healthcare policy and core healthcare technologies.


Activity Intelligence™

High-Definition Tools for the Intelligence-Driven Marketer

High Definition LeadsTechTarget’s innovative Activity Intelligence™ platform delivers marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement to provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands. Activity Intelligence gives marketers real-time visibility of technology professionals' buying process and specific online interactions to strategically identify the right audiences and the best pipeline opportunities. Built on a proprietary centralized warehouse that catalogues millions of activities that members take with the content they access across our expansive global network, an in-depth preference profile is created for each user, providing specific insight to anticipate their needs and engage them as they are researching solutions for an active project. This platform powers a wide array of TechTarget products and reporting services, including Activity Intelligence Dashboard and Nurture & Notify, helping marketers capitalize on this insight and guidance to enable their sales teams and better engage prospects to drive stronger ROI on marketing efforts.

Learn more about Activity Intelligence

Client Consulting

The industry’s first and only expert global team committed to maximizing your marketing ROI

ROI ConsultingTo understand why TechTarget has always been a true pioneer in proving ROI and delivering measurable results for our customers, you need look no further than our award-winning Client Consulting department. Client Consulting is a global team of marketing experts providing you with in-depth strategic guidance as they manage your campaigns from start to finish, delivering the hands-on reporting expertise, and a range of value-added services to maximize your TechTarget investments. Comprised of a core group of advertising agency veterans, technology marketing practitioners, and former consultants, Client Consulting consistently delivers unmatched ROI for marketers behind the strength of over 100 years of collective marketing experience combined with knowledge and best practices learned from managing more than 10,000 online marketing programs.

Learn more about TechTarget Client Consulting

Featured marketing programs

Health care content syndication

Syndication of your Health IT asset(s) across the TechTarget network generating leads from a combination of navigation integration, Activity Intelligence based email promotions, search engine optimization efforts and social community exposure through Health IT Exchange.

Health IT E-Zine

This e-zine dives into health care across core IT topics: Storage, security, networking, business applications and data center from a health care perspective

Health Care IT Virtual Seminars

These allow sponsors to combine the benefits of face-to-face events with the power and interactivity of an online environment via interactive technology.  Covering unique topics such as HIPAA, Health Care Virtualization and Meaningful Use/HIE.

Social Community programs

Tweet n’ Meet event provides an organic feel and drives attention to the event (held at Health Care Industry Events).  Live Chats – chance to engage and ask experts questions through the social community site

Health Care Add-on Events

Add-on opportunities to TechTarget’s premier events: Storage Decisions, Information Security Decisions, BriForum, as well as Custom Health IT Events both in the U.S. and UK.


Innovative products and custom solutions to drive your brand

You demand marketing performance. TechTarget delivers it.

Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, create demand, or develop deeper social engagement, experience how TechTarget's portfolio of online, face-to-face, and mobile products and custom solutions power better marketing programs to achieve the results you need.

Product PortfolioView our portfolio of media products

Product PortfolioLearn more about cutting-edge custom solutions to create deeper engagement with your customers

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Stephanie Corby

Publisher, Health Care IT Media
Phone: 617-431-9354

Resources for marketers

3rd Annual Health IT Purchasing Intentions Survey

TechTarget’s editorial staff surveyed our IT members on what projects are important, the technologies they are investing, etc. Get the results here.

Health care Analytics and Business Intelligence Survey

The following report highlights results are based on 243 responses from CIOs and other senior IT executives at medical centers, health systems and physician practices across the country. Explore the impact of business intelligence in provider settings, and the results of the SearchHealthIT.com 2011 reader survey. View the report.

Health IT, HIPAA, and Security Survey

255 health IT leaders completed our April 2011 survey regarding their organization's security measures, and over half indicated that staff who leave laptops/records in open areas are their hospital’s weakest link. View the report.

Purchase Intentions Survey (2012 Business forecast)

The following report highlights key results from this year's survey – based on responses of senior executives and IT managers from 279 group practices, hospitals and health systems – and provides deeper insights into the issues facing the health care industry today. View the report.

Case Study: Dell Social Reader

Dell's "The power to do more" campaign wanted to increase engagement and social participation of its solutions with active IT buyers.The TechTarget Engage™ platform and a custom delivery of our Social Engage™ solution created the Dell Social Reader™ . The results were extraordinary...

Case Study: Composite Software

When Composite Software, a leading provider of data virtualization technology, wanted to capture higher quality leads for their inside sales team to help increase prospect and meeting conversion rates, they turned to TechTarget and its Activity Intelligence™ platform and dashboard to help them achieve this goal. Download the case study.

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