Turn relationships into revenue with the largest and most engaged audience of serious virtualization buyers

Virtualization has proven to be a technology with a bright future and for IT companies like yours, it is a rich marketing opportunity in its own right. At the same time, its influence extends more broadly across IT infrastructure, systems management and many user-facing solutions and applications.

Serious technology buyers are seeking information about virtualization that helps them do their jobs and map out their organization’s future virtualization roadmap. One of your marketing goals should be to attach your brand and message to that search; to make your company part of that future. There’s no better way to reach that goal than partnering with TechTarget Virtualization-focused media.

TechTarget’s approach encompasses the virtualization ecosphere providing our audience’s essential information on its underlying architectural issues, benefits, implications and platform options. No other media outlet can offer content coverage that exposes the total buying opportunity around implementing, accommodating and appropriately managing virtualized environments.

We were the first technology media company to understand and cover the serious potential of virtualization. This leadership position built over six years delivers unmatched access to the largest and most engaged audience of serious buyers. And our marketing tools and technologies help you turn that access into trusted relationships and revenue.

TechTarget virtualization websites

SearchServerVirtualization SearchVirtualDesktop SearchVirtualStorage SearchVMware BrianMadden SearchServerVirtualization.fr SearchVirtual.com.cn SearchVirtualization Japan SearchVirtualDesktop.fr


Sharpen your competitive edge by aligning your brand and message with the industry’s highest quality virtualization content

By partnering with TechTarget, you can build instant trust and thought leadership for your company around your key virtualization initiatives. No other media outlet even comes close to TechTarget’s volume and quality of objective technical content on virtualization technologies -- from desktop and server to networking and storage.

Our content is created by over 20 editors and independent experts and provides our audience of IT pros with a neutral, unbiased view on how to solve their most immediate virtualization problems. It also gives them unmatched resources for planning projects and making informed choices about the products they buy.

Over the past year, our editors have produced over 1,700 articles covering a wide range of topics across provisioning and automation, desktop virtualization, workarounds to solve virtualization problems, virtualization and ROI calculation myths, managing storage in virtual environments, and more. We continue to create over 100 new pieces per month consistently attracting members with projects and budgets to our sites.

Today, TechTarget is the only media company in the world that has communities specific to the key individual pieces around the most adopted technologies like VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V. We offer deep-dive coverage into the specific nuances of VMware for the shops that have adopted that leading platform, as well as its implications on servers, systems management, networks, storage and beyond. Because of our leadership in virtualization, TechTarget has been chosen to host the VMworld awards at VMworld for the past five years.

Extending our coverage, we have created a dedicated offering around desktop virtualization with BrianMadden.com and SearchVirtualDesktop.com. Our coverage is led by Brian Madden the world’s leading analyst on everything related to desktop virtualization. He is known throughout the world as an opinionated, super-technical, fiercely independent desktop virtualization expert. Brian is also the creator of BriForum, the premier independent application delivery technical conference in North America and Europe.

The majority of our content is packaged in Expert Technical Tips, Tutorials and Buying Guides and our experts come from a variety of backgrounds including Microsoft MVPs, virtualization experts, instructors, consultants and savvy IT pros.

Snapshot: Recent In-depth articles for serious virtualization buyers across our network

Can your products, services and expertise help address specific virtualization challenges? Then align your messaging with the content that speaks to these specific challenges. Here is a quick snapshot showing the issues being addressed by virtualization pros on our network:

The most reputable experts in the industry

Brian Madden


Brian Madden
Editorial Director, founder of BrianMadden.com

Alex Barrett


Alex Barrett
Senior Executive Editor, Data Center & Virtualization Media Group

Ed Scannell


Ed Scannell
Senior Executive Editor, Data Center & Virtualization Media Group

Gabe Knuth


Gabe Knuth
Site Editor, Data Center &
Virtualization Media Group

Howard Marks


Howard Marks
Founder and Chief Scientist

Mark Vaughn Bio Mark Vaughn

Consulting Principal

Best of VMworld 2012

As a proud media sponsor as well as the exclusive partner of the Best of VMworld Awards, we're excited to bring you all the latest news, tips, expert advice, tutorials, white papers, webcasts and more covering every aspect of virtualization from planning and deploying new virtual environments to managing and fine tuning advanced infrastructures.

Please visit booth #317 at VMworld 2012.

For complete coverage of VMworld, visit SearchServerVirtualiztion.

Enhance your marketing ROI with finely tuned targeting of a highly qualified virtualization audience

In 2006, TechTarget was the first IT media community to dedicate a community to server virtualization technology. In 2012, we have five flourishing individual communities dedicated to covering every angle of the virtualization story including VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, server, storage and desktop virtualization. 

TechTarget’s Virtualization-focused media has a truly global reach including more than 50% of our active members outside North America. Our audience is actively interested in virtual environments management; VMware management and performance; and virtual desktop infrastructures and architectures. Our robust audience had over 13.6 million activities around server virtualization, desktop virtualization and storage virtualization in the past year alone. No other media company can claim to have as large and active an audience in virtualization. Period.

87% of our active members are involved in purchasing decisions. 73% of our members are expanding virtualization plans in 2012 while 64% are seeing their 2012 virtualization budgets grow. 44% are from enterprise organizations with 1,000 or more employees and 39% of active members are managers or higher.

Targeting a specific segment of our virtualization audience is easy with our dedicated sites, granular taxonomies and activity-focused messaging. Not only can you target an audience dedicated to virtualization topics, you can target it down to very specific aspects of virtualization. At TechTarget, we help you eliminate wasted opportunities so you can enhance your marketing ROI by concentrating your resources only on the virtualization audience segments that will drive the greatest revenue.

Most active desktop virtualization topics

Over the past 6 months

Geographic reach

Most active server virtualization topics

Over the past 6 months

Geographic reach

Engage highly qualified prospects and meet your marketing goals

Whatever your marketing goals, TechTarget offers a wide range of opportunities and initiatives at all budget levels to reach and engage decision makers with virtualization problems to solve and projects to plan. Additionally, using our innovative TechTarget Activity Intelligence® platform we can precisely track and report on the activity of your potential customers. The result? Unprecedented insight into the buying needs of highly qualified prospects focused on the specifics of their virtualization research and involvement.

You can choose from a wide variety of online media sponsorship options including syndication/promotion of sponsor-provided content assets, editorial/contextual alignment, multi-sponsor packages, video, face to face, custom media, demand generation and branding to fully engage these buyers.

The Desktop Virtualization Seminar Series is a 30-city series that sorts out the key business and technological concerns for IT managers planning for their next-generation desktop rollout. It offers vendors the chance to interact with key end-user computing customers.

Taking place in both the US and UK, BriForum is the only technical event 100% dedicated to desktop virtualization, VDI, application virtualization, and remote desktop services. This is your exclusive opportunity to participate in over 40 technical breakout sessions led by independent experts.

Virtualization Topical Information Centers draw content from across our virtualization sites comprising news, analysis, tips and more aimed at users at all stages of the buying cycle. Sponsor banners and content links appear on each page.

The Virtual Desktop Decision Center is a topically focused online destination where your prospects go for buying advice from industry experts and to hear responses from participating sponsors to their most important buying-related questions.

The Virtual Data Center E-Zine is a quarterly on-line magazine dedicated to the top issues and challenges facing data center managers and administrators when it comes to virtualization.

Extend your marketing initiatives in key segments

CIO-SrITCIO and senior IT management reach
Align your brand with the trusted resource for CIOs and senior technology decision-makers.

GlobalGlobal leadership
Simplify global marketing and get to market faster in all the regions you care about with TechTarget.

SocialSocial engagement
Innovative opportunities to spark peer-to-peer conversation and directly connect with your prospects.

ChannelChannel growth
Unique programs to generate leads, recruit partners, and educate and communicate to your channel.

HealthCareITHealthcare technology marketing
Influence active buyers at the intersection of healthcare policy and core healthcare technologies.


Activity Intelligence™

High-Definition Tools for the Intelligence-Driven Marketer

High Definition LeadsTechTarget’s innovative Activity Intelligence™ platform delivers marketing intelligence to accelerate buyer engagement and drive sales and marketing enablement to provide intelligence driven marketers the tools they need to drive real revenue for their brands. Activity Intelligence gives marketers real-time visibility of technology professionals' buying process and specific online interactions to strategically identify the right audiences and the best pipeline opportunities. Built on a proprietary centralized warehouse that catalogues millions of activities that members take with the content they access across our expansive global network, an in-depth preference profile is created for each user, providing specific insight to anticipate their needs and engage them as they are researching solutions for an active project. This platform powers a wide array of TechTarget products and reporting services, including Activity Intelligence Dashboard and Nurture & Notify, helping marketers capitalize on this insight and guidance to enable their sales teams and better engage prospects to drive stronger ROI on marketing efforts.

Learn more about Activity Intelligence

Client Consulting

The industry’s first and only expert global team committed to maximizing your marketing ROI

ROI ConsultingTo understand why TechTarget has always been a true pioneer in proving ROI and delivering measurable results for our customers, you need look no further than our award-winning Client Consulting department. Client Consulting is a global team of marketing experts providing you with in-depth strategic guidance as they manage your campaigns from start to finish, delivering the hands-on reporting expertise, and a range of value-added services to maximize your TechTarget investments. Comprised of a core group of advertising agency veterans, technology marketing practitioners, and former consultants, Client Consulting consistently delivers unmatched ROI for marketers behind the strength of over 100 years of collective marketing experience combined with knowledge and best practices learned from managing more than 10,000 online marketing programs.

Learn more about TechTarget Client Consulting

Featured virtualization programs

Desktop Virtualization Seminar Series

This 30-city seminar series sorts out the key business and technological concerns for IT managers planning for their next-generation desktop rollout and offers vendors the chance to interact with the key decision makers for the end-user computing environment at their companies.   

BriForum 2012

BriForum is the only technical event that is 100% dedicated to desktop virtualization, VDI, application virtualization, and Remote Desktop Services. This is your exclusive opportunity to participate in 40+ technical breakout sessions led by expert speakers who provide the most independent, advanced, technical information and best practices around this constantly evolving space. These top-notch industry analysts, bloggers and best-selling authors are dedicated to desktop virtualization technology and offer the latest tips, tricks, and verified techniques that can be applied immediately within your organization. They talk honestly and openly about technical challenges they have faced, how they solved them, what works and what does not work.

Virtualization Topical Info Center

A Topical Info Center is a cluster of pages across our virtualization sites that contains content (e.g. news, analysis, tips, etc.) primarily associated to a specific virtualization topic.  Users at all stages of the buying cycle will find what they’re looking for amid the expansive cross section of content.  As a sponsor, your banners and content links appear on each page that makes up the Topical Info Center. Available topics include:

  • Application Virtualization- Server
  • Application Virtualization- Desktop
  • Virtualization Security
  • VMware Infrastructure Management
  • VMware Management

Virtual Desktop Decision Center

A topically focused online destination where your prospects go for buying advice from industry experts and to hear responses from participating sponsors to their most important buying related questions.

  • VDI
  • Application Virtualization
  • Virtualization Security
  • Solving Virtual Machine Sprawl

Virtual Data Center E-Zine

A quarterly on-line magazine dedicated to the top issues and challenges facing data center managers and admins when it comes to virtualization. Topics covered include:

  • Virtual Server Consolidation
  • The Data Center of the Future
  • Solving Virtual Machine Performance Problems

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You demand marketing performance. TechTarget delivers it.

Whether you are looking to elevate your brand, create demand, or develop deeper social engagement, experience how TechTarget's portfolio of online, face-to-face, and mobile products and custom solutions power better marketing programs to achieve the results you need.

Product PortfolioView our portfolio of media products

Product PortfolioLearn more about cutting-edge custom solutions to create deeper engagement with your customers

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Case Study: Dell Social Reader

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Case Study: Composite Software

When Composite Software, a leading provider of data virtualization technology, wanted to capture higher quality leads for their inside sales team to help increase prospect and meeting conversion rates, they turned to TechTarget and its Activity Intelligence™ platform and dashboard to help them achieve this goal. Download the case study.

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