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  • WHO Director General expresses concerns about AI technologies

    Health IT experts have lauded the benefits artificial intelligence (AI) will bring to healthcare for some time now. They range from improving cybersecurity to improving the workflow of a hospital. ... Continue Reading

  • For HIPAA-compliant cloud storage, weigh risks and set recovery steps

    Healthcare organizations and the cloud storage providers they work with must conduct risk assessments to confirm that all parties are safeguarding patient data as part of HIPAA-compliant cloud storage.

    Cloud companies that handle protected health information on behalf of providers are required to sign business associate agreements, some aspects of which are now subject to HIPAA audits by the federal government.

    This handbook looks at cloud storage and backup technology and its relationship to HIPAA compliance. Over the three chapters in this guide, our contributing writers look at how providers, business associates and covered entities are preparing for HIPAA audits; how health systems use the cloud for backup storage purposes and disaster recovery efforts; and how moving more healthcare data into the cloud has changed other aspects of providers' businesses.

     Continue Reading

  • The common health data storage mistake that healthcare CIOs make

    Health data storage helps healthcare organizations remain up and running and helps them innovate. That's why using the right storage tech is so important. A CTO weighs in. Continue Reading

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