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  • Strengthening CIoT security with secure cellular network gateways

    Can millions of "dumb" devices connect without compromising security? Openwave Mobility's Aman Brar explains why cellular IoT, or CIoT, may be the solution. Continue Reading

  • Mobile network security remains an enterprise challenge

    Workers demand access to their company's network anytime, anywhere -- making mobile network security a constant challenge for IT. Admins can turn to SDN and NFV technology. Continue Reading

  • Device diversity complicates endpoint management

    The proliferation of mobile devices in the enterprise presents a number of challenges for desktop administrators. Legacy, PC-oriented approaches to device management are no longer adequate because they treat all devices the same.

    There was a time when all the devices on a corporate network actually were the same -- the pre-smartphone days. Back then IT only needed the one method of managing and securing the corporate-owned devices. Today employees use smartphones, tablets, hybrid laptops and other devices for work; IT must now manage and secure multiple device types and operating systems, and they have to deploy applications too. But because devices are usually employee-owned these days, admins have to find ways to hook into endpoints without disrupting users' personal applications and data. How can they do it? With security and acceptable use policies, as well as mobile device management.

     Continue Reading

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