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  • May 09, 2017 09 May'17

    HCI updates bring cloud-style pricing to the on-premises data center

    Enterprise IT teams can now buy data center hardware based on just what they use, rather than receive the one big bill that has long been a cornerstone of on-prem purchases.

  • April 07, 2017 07 Apr'17

    Bad-bots and CNP fraud

    Bad-bots are being used by cybercriminals to automate many time-consuming activities to perpetrate their crimes. Payment card fraud is an area of particular concern as large data bases of stolen ...

  • February 24, 2017 24 Feb'17

    DataStax: Inside the brain of the container

    This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network written by Patrick McFadin, chief evangelist at DataStax -- the company develops and provides support for a commercial edition of the ...

  • February 01, 2017 01 Feb'17

    SD-WAN adoption: Exxon Mobil deploys Cybera technology

    In this case study, learn how SD-WAN adoption dramatically simplified a major oil company's wide area network while improving security and increasing flexibility.

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  • How can a distributed guessing attack obtain payment card data?

    Attackers can gather payment card data by carrying out distributed guessing with a minimal amount of existing information. Expert Michael Cobb explains how this attack works. Continue Reading

  • SWIFT network communications: How can bank security be improved?

    The SWIFT network has increasingly been abused by cybercriminals to carry out bank fraud and theft. Expert Michael Cobb explains possible ways to boost security. Continue Reading

  • Balancing user experience and mobile data security

    Creating a powerful user experience (UX) is the holy grail of mobile app development, according to SearchCIO columnist and former CIO Harvey Koeppel. But the journey there is fraught with obstacles, including managing and designing apps that appropriately handle data risks, multiple device and operating system constraints, environmental considerations, and legacy system constraints. The undoing of many journeys is a result of failing to balance UX with the "granddaddy" of all these obstacles: mobile data security risks.

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Koeppel gives an account of his own journey to harmonizing user experience and mobile data security, and offers 13 CIO pointers to help ensure your quest is a success. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen advises IT leaders on how to take a balanced approach to mobile app development. Lastly, Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski runs down seven UX design tips for a winning mobile app. Continue Reading

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