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The leading source of IT news and analysis in France

TechTarget France, anchored under the flagship site LeMagIT.fr, provides the most in-depth editorial coverage for the B2B IT market within France. Created with a sole focus on enterprise IT decision makers, LeMagIT.fr delivers the most experienced IT writers and editors in France.

Operated solely in French from our office in Paris, it is through this editorial focus that TechTarget France drives over 350,000 page views per month from 200,000 unique members. This strength in content and audience has attracted over 150 customers since operations opened in 2012.

Through Activity Intelligence™—our behavior-based tracking of French language users across our network on more than 10,000 technology topics—TechTarget enables tech companies to reach, influence and develop pipeline from prospects relevant to their solutions within the region.

For vendors selling IT products and services, LeMagIT.fr provides access to the most qualified buyers in the France IT market. Through TechTarget’s cutting-edge media and data services, advertisers are able to deliver their messaging and receive behavioral insights on buyers and upcoming IT purchases.



Featured Site: LeMagIT

LeMagIT.fr is a leading French-language site dedicated to the needs of CIOs, IT decision-makers and IT departments, providing coverage across 12 different enterprise IT sectors and hundreds of specific technology topics. LeMagIT’s team of expert journalists provides readers with sector news, expert tips and opinions, as well as unique analysis of their peer’s experiences and projects.

B2B Technology Marketing and Media – Market Spotlight: France

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