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  • Mobile device trends play big role in network development

    Mobile device trends are affecting how enterprises design, deliver and manage their networks. More than ever, network managers must understand their options when it comes to creating a hybrid cloud infrastructure to deliver workloads among public and private clouds. Beyond that, as mobile device trends change how people connect to the network, network pros must become more than network engineers and start to understand factors such as data analytics and how that information ties into their department's roles.

    The mobile devices themselves present a challenge, too. Smartphones, tablets and other devices are increasingly used for a wide range of communications, from calling to video conferencing. Unified communications vendors see a potential market for their UC apps, but until those products are as easy to use as the native apps on a mobile device, the market will build slowly.

    Mobile device trends also are putting a strain on application performance management. As more mobile devices request access to servers, enterprises must consider best practices for integrating APM into network management, getting down to granular levels to identify which devices are connected and who is using them.

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  • Multicloud architecture takes hybrid cloud to new heights

    As hybrid cloud use takes hold, enterprises need to create a multicloud architecture that integrates different cloud platforms to seamlessly route data from one to another. Continue Reading

  • IBM's Watson Analytics makes strides but gives off bad vibes

    Watson Analytics is a strong player in a formidable field that includes Google and Adobe. It does perform as advertised -- but IBM's AI-driven analytics technology leaves a lot to be desired. Continue Reading

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