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  • March 24, 2017 24 Mar'17

    IBM InterConnect pushes new new thing as now

    Cognitive computing, blockchain and other cutting-edge technologies get the spotlight in Las Vegas. Also: CIA builds Apple-spying tools; Senate votes against internet privacy.

  • March 03, 2017 03 Mar'17

    A low-code/no-code app makes a splash on iTunes

    Low-code/no-code platforms are largely targeted to business users. No-code platform maker Appy Pie is trying to change all that. And so far, it's had an iTunes hit.

  • November 21, 2016 21 Nov'16

    Shouldn't going mobile require a cloud-aware mobile database?

    With the need to continuously sync data across multiple devices and locations in real time, specialized database technology for the age of mobile and cloud computing is required.

  • September 23, 2016 23 Sep'16

    IBM, Apple release Bluemix Runtime for Swift

    IBM developers can now build apps with Apple's Swift programming language. The Bluemix Runtime for Swift hit general availability this week, about seven months after its introduction at IBM ...

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  • FaceTime

    FaceTime is an Apple video telephony application that allows users to make a video call over the internet with a forward-facing camera on iOS and macOS devices. Continue Reading

  • OpsDev is coming

    As the internet of things and user-experience-based applications continue to dominate customer demands, the benefits of OpsDev over DevOps are becoming clear. Continue Reading

  • Medication adherence app shown at Connected Health

    Medisafe, an mHealth medication adherence app, was showcased at Connected Health Symposium. The startup, which has two million-plus users, is now looking for bigger partners. Continue Reading

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  • App dev tools strengthen Amazon mobility market play

    Other vendors get more attention, but Amazon has quietly built a large portfolio of enterprise mobility services. This issue’s cover story looks at how the cloud-computing giant could make waves with its management, data synchronization and app development tools. Experts say its popular infrastructure services will be a big draw for customers looking to go mobile.

    This month's columns explain why infrastructure admins need to get on board with enterprise mobility and when IT should think about outsourcing mobile support tasks. Jack Madden takes a deep dive into the choice between native, Web and hybrid apps. And in the wake of IBM InterConnect and Mobile World Congress, our editors take a look at what Big Blue is up to in the mobile market.

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  • Bloomberg: Six gotchas that will upend your data science team

    CIOs, take a note: The head of data science at Bloomberg lays out six gotchas that could sink your big data project. Continue Reading

  • New EU data protection legislation will challenge U.S. IT execs

    The EU has agreed upon a radical set of data protection rules. What does it mean for U.S. IT execs? Also in Searchlight: Apple has a new COO; Republican candidates fumble on tech knowledge. Continue Reading

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  • What the end of hot patching mobile apps means for enterprise security

    Apple now restricts mobile app developers from using hot patching, as the technique can change app behavior after it is reviewed. Expert Kevin Beaver goes over enterprise concerns. Continue Reading

  • Why did QuickTime for Windows move to end of life so abruptly?

    QuickTime for Windows was found to have two zero-day vulnerabilities, and was then suddenly moved to end of life by Apple. Expert Michael Cobb explains the abrupt action. Continue Reading

  • The future of IoT: New priorities and paradigms

    For Mike Heim, CIO of Whirlpool, delivering Clothespin, a system that connects laundry machines to smartphones and equipment service providers, wasn't just about cutting-edge technology; he also needed to work closely with various business functions and vendors. "It required us as an IT function to partner differently," he said. In this issue of CIO Decisions, find out why, for Heim and for CIOs in many other industries, the Internet of Things (IoT) now requires them not just to reshape their infrastructures but also to reinvent the business. In other words, the future of IoT is now.

    Also in this issue, we dig into how Pfizer was able to build brand awareness among Baby Boomers using a digital campaign with a youthful twist; get an expert's take on how a common language can help solve problems between embedded IT and central IT; run down a list of companies that succeeded in using data analytics to boost various areas of the business; get insight into IoT security from a CEO and an engineer from an intelligent light fixtures company; and explore whether the Apple Watch can become a tool for the business. Continue Reading

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