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  • How to make your IT infrastructure systems EUC-ready

    One of the most important parts of delivering applications to users is ensuring that the back-end IT infrastructure systems can support those apps in the short and long term. But there have been a lot of obstacles to building strong storage and networking back ends for VDI and mobile deployments. This month's cover story of Access magazine delves into the new IT infrastructure systems issues popping up around graphics support, secure data access and more.

    To manage mobile apps, organizations need EMM, but the enterprise mobility management landscape is changing. One column in this issue explores whether EMM is a product or feature today, and another explores whether data and apps must live together. This month's Deep Dive examines the history of app stores and how the enterprise can benefit from this type of application deployment system. In the App Spotlight, get an overview of enterprise file sync-and-share service Box.

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  • New OneDrive sync client may disrupt file-sharing market

    A new sync client for One Drive is coming soon, but the offerings may be too Microsoft-centric to encourage defection from competing services, such as Box. Continue Reading

  • Are file-sharing apps still giving ECM software a run for its money?

    File-sharing apps are considered more user-friendly than ECM software. Will these apps continue to give ECM software a run for its money? Continue Reading

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  • As the BYOD trend fades, a more holistic approach emerges

    The BYOD trend isn't as relevant as it once was. Enterprise mobility today is about much more than employees bringing their own smartphones and tablets to work. Organizations instead need to focus on mobile apps, management and security as a whole, to make all devices viable productivity tools -- regardless of who owns them. This issue's cover story explains the importance of a holistic mobility approach in the post-BYOD era.

    Also in this issue, readers will learn how Apple iOS configuration profiles can help IT admins manage iPhones and iPads. Box's chief strategy officer sits down for a Q&A on the enterprise file sync-and-share market. And some of the most well-known enterprise mobility experts share their predictions for 2016.

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  • Do customer-managed data encryption keys work with sync and share?

    Most sync-and-share products encrypt data, but a growing number of vendors are handing data encryption key management over to customers. Continue Reading

  • New technologies take enterprise collaboration to the next level

    Businesses that hope to collaborate effectively in today’s marketplace have a host of issues to contend with -- trust issues with the cloud (yes, still) and an ever-widening workforce among them. So the ways in which organizations collaborate must evolve. No longer can they count on face-to-face interaction to foster business innovation. Scattered workforces and closely guarded business assets can impede the community-aspect of business collaboration. To remain competitive, organizations are looking to technology to keep enterprise collaboration rolling.

    This three-part guide examines what organizations can do to foster that collaboration and improve on the ideation process. First, Lauren Horwitz, an executive editor in the Business Applications & Architecture Media Group, explains how cloud-based applications -- Dropbox, Skydrive and Google Drive, for example -- are enabling simple, secure file-sharing in organizations around the world. Horwitz is joined by Laura Aberle, SearchContentManagement site editor, in the second piece. Together, they describe how, for some organizations, file-sharing isn’t enough. These companies, aiming to take collaboration further, are bringing together external and internal employees -- and in some cases, users -- to crowdsource ideas through collaboration-as-a-service applications. To close, consultant Shawn Shell discusses in more detail the trend of crowdsourced collaboration -- specifically, the challenges wrought by connecting global, mobile and external collaborators. Continue Reading

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