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  • A dozen data storage vendors to watch in 2017

    Hyper-convergence, solid-state, software-defined storage and the cloud have revolutionized the way we deploy, manage and secure storage. How the dozen leading data storage vendors presented here navigate the challenges and opportunities created by these changes will tell us a lot about the short- and long-term future of data center storage. Find out what to watch out for with each of these data storage vendors as the year unfolds.

    On-demand object, block and file storage as a service from the likes of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure is a standard part of today’s IT toolkit. Cloud storage isn’t the exclusive domain of the public cloud, however. You can gain the same convenience, flexibility and agility by building your own internal storage cloud. We present the resources enterprises can use to construct one of these, and how to integrate it with existing storage and computing resources as well as public cloud storage.

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  • Use cases for implementing a converged infrastructure product

    An organization can dramatically upgrade its data center by taking the converged infrastructure (CI) path. Working with a CI vendor eliminates significant hassles by bundling compute, storage and networking technologies into a single purchase. This handbook looks at the various pros and cons of converged infrastructure, with real-world examples from organizations that have chosen this approach.

    A converged (or even hyper-converged) infrastructure allows an organization to put the latest technologies into use in the data center, without spending time and money assembling and integrating the various components. Proponents make the case that a converged infrastructure product reduces total cost of ownership, though prospective buyers will understandably want to see a clear route to ROI. The benefits of converged infrastructure are significant, and there's an allure to its simplicity. Knowing that the various technologies fit together, and are in fact optimized from day one, is particularly appealing to organizations that are struggling with the management of disparate IT products and systems assembled over time.

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