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  • So many ways to deliver applications, so little time

    In lieu of installing all apps directly on users' desktops and mobile devices, IT has a plethora of options to deliver applications -- desktop and application virtualization, desktop as a service, web apps and hybrid strategies. Each method comes with advantages and drawbacks when it comes to security, compatibility, cost and development complexity. This month's cover story of Access magazine delves into these issues to help you figure out what's best for your different applications.

    In a column, our enterprise desktop expert explains when it's better to deliver full desktops versus single applications. And along with determining how to deliver applications, it's critical to focus on the back-end infrastructure. Another column this month explores what to consider for the third-party systems behind mobile specifically. The Deep Dive looks at mobile threat detection technology and why it hasn't reached critical mass yet. Finally, the new App Spotlight shines on Slack, a growing option for enterprise collaboration.

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  • Seven features to consider when picking enterprise collaboration tools

    As collaboration needs grow, more options are beginning to sprout up. Here are the features to think about when selecting the enterprise collaboration tools for your organization. Continue Reading

  • Talla uses NLP software and machine learning to manage to-do lists

    Talla the Task Assistant can be installed for free on Slack and uses machine learning and natural language processing to help employees schedule tasks. Continue Reading

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  • Slack Enterprise Grid lends itself to large organizations

    Slack Enterprise Grid puts the emphasis on large organizations by giving IT a central location to deploy and customize settings for multiple teams at once. Continue Reading

  • Chatbots provide faster self-service on SAP systems

    The SAP SuccessFactors partnership with collaboration software vendor Slack is just one of many efforts to make little robotic helpers available throughout the SAP ecosystem. Continue Reading

  • New year, new WAN: SD-WAN adoption takes off

    More and more enterprises are using software-defined networking principles in the wide area network, with industry experts predicting that SD-WAN adoption will skyrocket in 2017. In fact, some top analysts expect the market to grow as much as 90% every year for at least the next three years. In this edition of Network Evolution, we explore three diverse SD-WAN deployment stories to illustrate the growing trend and offer insight into how SD-WAN adoption plays out on the ground. These case studies examine the use of the technology in enterprises ranging from a garden equipment manufacturer to a major oil company, using products from three top vendors -- Cisco, Viptela and Cybera. If you're considering SD-WAN adoption in your wide area network, these real-world stories will offer valuable insight.

    Also in this issue, open source networking could open the door to even more big changes in the year ahead. One leading analyst says it's not a question of whether enterprises will ultimately use open source, but how.

    And finally, team messaging applications like Slack and HipChat make communicating easy, but they could also put enterprises at risk.

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