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  • Targeted attacks make desktop browser security a must

    IT can fight browser-based attacks by separating browsers from the OS itself. Get to know tools such as Citrix Secure Browser Service and Windows Defender Application Guard. Continue Reading

  • Apparent Win10 Defender Update Issues Illusory

    Recent cumulative updates have led to reports of Windows Defender update errors. Fortunately, these apparent Win10 Defender Update issues are illusory. Continue Reading

  • Simple steps can tighten Windows 8 security

    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are arguably Microsoft’s most secure operating systems yet, but desktop administrators still need to understand how their new features work. Enterprise IT must also address persistent vulnerabilities and remember the continued importance of patching. A combination of built-in and third-party tools can help admins keep up with Windows 8.x security. In addition, organizations must be careful not to make too many assumptions about Windows 8.1 security and keep up with threats such as “pass the hash” attacks. Continue Reading

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