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TechTarget Research provides unbiased enterprise IT intelligence gained from an ongoing dialogue with actual buyers. It details how competing vendors in specific technology markets are performing based on quarter over quarter transaction data.

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researchOnly TechTarget research can deliver intelligence containing insight on so many levels, including:

  • Quarterly post-purchase data tracking hundreds of transactions for key technology segments
  • Robust technology roadmap data that identifies where momentum for new adoption is and where budget is allocated
  • Vendor performance specific to planned spending changes and vulnerability
  • Historical comparison from research performed quarterly and semi-annually

TechTarget Research data is leveraged by IT decision-makers, technology providers and institutional investors.

TechTarget Research Market Landscape and Post Purchase Reports

Gain access to our vast store of intelligence about technology vendors’ current and future transactions across major technology markets to see how competing vendors in specific technology markets are performing and the trends among active enterprise buying teams that may affect future revenue of technology vendors. To get more information or inquire about purchasing any of our reports, contact us today.

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