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By Chris Moyer Jan 30, 2014

El modelo de cloud-burst ayuda a las empresas a impulsar la capacidad de cómputo

Un enfoque cloud-burst es ideal para compañías con mucha infraestructura existente, pero que necesitan añadir soporte para eventos de alto tráfico. Continue Reading


News Mar 03, 2011

1U servers: Features and capabilities introduction

1U servers are well suited to many everyday business tasks. This overview considers the key features -- from processor and memory support to network ports-- of various 1U server offerings. Continue Reading


Nov 04, 2005

Guide to virtualization: News, expert advice and interviews

With last week's annoucement that Red Hat is going to include Xen, its open source virtualization tool, in its next major release, the steadily growing influence of virtualization reached another plateau. And all ... Continue Reading


News Nov 14, 2006

Server Specs: Opsware rolls out VM lifecycle manager

Opsware rolls out VM lifecycle manager. IBM adds five new quad-core Intel-based servers, including a BladeCenter model. Aperture updates data center blueprint software. Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo Aug 23, 2010

Hewlett-Packard outbids Dell with $1.6 billion offer for 3PAR

Hewlett-Packard (HP) makes $1.6 billion bid to wrest storage systems vendor 3PAR from its rival Dell; HP says 3PAR could take firm into cloud storage realm. Continue Reading


Evaluate Feb 13, 2006

Self discovering Infrastructure tools key to accurate CMDB

Organizations are increasingly dependent on their IT networks to provide a competitive advantage. These networks are becoming progressively more complex in a bid to provide more sophisticated business services. The... Continue Reading


Manage Aug 26, 2009

CMDB Federation specification may ease configuration management system integration

The new Configuration Management Database Federation (CMDBf) specification may ease integration problems for shops implementing a configuration management system with multiple data sources. Continue Reading


By Megan Santosus News Sep 27, 2007

Reining in change with CMDBs

IT departments are enlisting configuration management databases to track change and minimize the unauthorized change that causes system downtime in increasingly complex data center environments. Continue Reading

News Jan 09, 2008

Archiving software purchase considerations

Archiving software must be able to support a wide range of file types, as well as quickly search through vast quantities of data. Continue Reading

News Apr 10, 2007

Capacity planning software specifications

Gauging storage needs over time is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT administrators, and a new generation of capacity planning tools is emerging to help forecast growth and utilization of storage resources,... Continue Reading