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By Todd Morrison News Aug 31, 2011

Will SAP Enterprise Support increases roil the waters again?

Constant price hikes in Enterprise Support might once again cause SAP customers to question the value of the support they’re getting from the software manufacturer. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Gourlay News Aug 31, 2011

Successful SharePoint 2010 deployment relies on six key steps

Successful SharePoint 2010 deployments take careful implementation planning, a team approach and continued management. Continue Reading

News Aug 18, 2011

doubleIQ increases data warehouse performance

Looking to data delivery performance, doubleIQ from its data warehouse, doubleIQ employed EMC's Greenplum solution. Continue Reading

News Aug 19, 2011

Analysis - HP to get out of personal computing

HP's decision to get get out of the PC game might make CIOs nervous. Here's our take on why there's not much to worry about. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Sep 07, 2011

Zend PHP server gains better clustered deployment and scaling traits

As PHP finds wider use, teams must vault the development-to-deployment gap. Zend's latest rev addresses such issues. Continue Reading


By Sue Burk Problem Solve Aug 31, 2011

Change management and impact analysis: Reviewing requirements changes

Expert Sue Burk explains the importance of gaining proper approval for requirements changes and offers suggestions for the most efficient ways to communicate between analysts, architects, developers and project ... Continue Reading


By Bruce Mackenzie-Low Evaluate Sep 01, 2011

Using RamMap and VMMap Tools to Troubleshoot Windows Memory Issues

Even a veteran system admin can be challenged when investigating Windows memory issues. The free RamMap and VMMap tools remove much of the guesswork. Continue Reading


By Heather Clancy News Aug 29, 2011

Reality check: VARs report steady gains for videoconferencing

While not flocking to telepresence, more customers figure videoconferencing requirements into IT infrastructure buys. Continue Reading


By Rachel Kossman Aug 31, 2011

Cloud storage: Calculating ROI

Calculating cloud storage ROI is a task more data storage managers must face as the technology grows in popularity. Learn how to determine your costs, and what pitfalls to avoid. Continue Reading


Evaluate Aug 31, 2011

Capitalizing on data center services, Windows 8 upgrades: Q&A

Learn about current hardware opportunities for solution providers, including data center services and the effect Windows 8 upgrades will have on Windows 7 hardware. Continue Reading