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By Ed Tittel News Feb 01, 2016

Secunia PSI/CSI Engine Gets Right with Windows 10

A new revision to the Secunia Personal Software Inspector/Corporate Software Inspector lays some long-standing Windows 8 and Windows 10 errors to rest. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford Problem Solve Jan 31, 2016

How Zendesk sidesteps Silicon Valley's tech talent crunch

Find out how Zendesk's distributed application development team approach has lessened the impact of the developer shortage in Silicon Valley. Continue Reading

IoT Agenda

By Sharon Shea News Feb 01, 2016

PTC ready to create augmented reality 'magic' in the enterprise

PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann says it's time for augmented reality to make its mark on the enterprise. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Evaluate Jan 31, 2016

Defining the CIO position: Don't box yourself in

Worried about what type of CIO you are? A recent study from Deloitte suggests the CIO position can and should vary depending on the needs of the business. Continue Reading


By Jason Sparapani Manage Jan 31, 2016

A CIO's advice for cloud security in the cloud age

Cloud is where it's at, says Equinix CIO Brian Lillie, but security needs to be at the forefront. Here are his three tips for strengthening cloud security. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Evaluate Jan 31, 2016

CIO report: Three CIO archetypes and how each delivers IT value

Part two: A recent CIO report from Deloitte identifies three CIO archetypes. Which type are you? Continue Reading


By Adam Riglian News Apr 10, 2012

HP repositions, upgrades cloud offerings

Hewlett-Packard is repositioning itself in the cloud market today with the announcement of a series of improvements, upgrades and new products under its Converged Cloud banner. If the move is ... Continue Reading


By Wendy Schuchart News Sep 09, 2011

What's the verdict on the VMworld 2011 booth babes?

Last week, CIO Symmetry was in the middle of a veritable booth babe coup. I never would have imagined that the VMworld 2011 promotional models would be such an emotional subject and, yet, the blog ... Continue Reading


By Adam Riglian News Apr 19, 2012

Storified look at the OpenStack keynotes

[View the story "OpenStack Keynotes: What everyone else was saying" on Storify] Continue Reading


By Adam Riglian News Mar 15, 2012

A Storified look at Demandware's IPO

[View the story "Money Talks: Market says yes to SaaS ecommerce" on Storify] Continue Reading