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By Chris Moyer Jan 30, 2014

El modelo de cloud-burst ayuda a las empresas a impulsar la capacidad de cómputo

Un enfoque cloud-burst es ideal para compañías con mucha infraestructura existente, pero que necesitan añadir soporte para eventos de alto tráfico. Continue Reading


Nov 07, 1999

Jingle bells, networks down, file have gone astray…

If all you want for Christmas is a quiet life, you may be disappointed this year. Hackers across the world are sending greetings... Continue Reading


Nov 28, 1999

VTEL SETTOP 250: video conferencing

The VTEL SETTOP 250’s appliance-style model eliminates the problems associated with PC-based video conferencing solutions for... Continue Reading


Nov 21, 1999

Utilising the search engine for maximum traffic

Understanding search engines can help raise the status and bring more traffic to your website Continue Reading


By David Bicknell Feb 01, 2000

BA ready for e-commerce take-off

BA is one of a growing number of blue chip companies that is getting serious about e-commerce. David Bicknell explores its online... Continue Reading


Feb 01, 2000's reputation is well-deserved

In this first issue of e-Business review, it seems appropriate to begin with one of the first, and still one of the best, e-commerce... Continue Reading


Jul 21, 1999

Choosing and installing the right ERP solution

Choosing an ERP solution can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, fraught with hidden risks. A recent survey describes ERP... Continue Reading


Jul 21, 1999

Case Study: Adobe PhotoShop 5.0

Adobe PhotoShop is a popular package for creating images but one UK company has used it to create a best selling product Continue Reading


Jul 21, 1999

Case Study: Taking advantage of switched Gigabit Ethernet technology

When Indigo moved its premises, it seized the change to redesign its entire network infrastructure, using the Gigabit Ethernet... Continue Reading


Feb 16, 2000

Companies risk fines over data security

An NCC survey reveals that half of organisations still do not have an information security policy Continue Reading