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By Gary Olsen Problem Solve Dec 12, 2006

Active Directory security: Securing the domain via the domain controller

A key task for Active Directory admins involves ensuring the security of domain controllers. Expert Gary Olsen explains how paying special attention to physical security and user rights can go a long way toward ... Continue Reading


Problem Solve Oct 08, 2001

Prevent running of VBS scripts

Prevent a user from activating that buggy e-mail attachment by changing the file association for VBS scripts. Continue Reading


News Aug 27, 2004

Advantages of Microsoft Group Policy Management Console

This excerpt from "Administrator shortcut guide to Active Directory security" describes GPMC, which is one of the tools that manages AD security. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 27, 2004

Designing a strategy for the encryption and decryption of files and folders

Learn how to encrypt or decrypt files and folders in this excerpt from Chapter 6 of the MCSE Exam Cram 2 book "Designing security for a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 network." Continue Reading


By Gary Olsen Manage Apr 17, 2007

Kerberos protocol: What every admin should know about Windows authentication

Kerberos can be a difficult protocol to understand for some Active Directory admins, so it's best to start at the beginning. Expert Gary Olsen describes the basics of how Kerberos authentication and authorization ... Continue Reading


Evaluate Oct 20, 2003

View your Kerberos tickets with free Microsoft tool

Learn about a useful utility designed for Windows admins to help with viewing Kerberos tickets in Active Directory. Continue Reading


Problem Solve May 13, 2008

Mastering account lockout values in Group Policy

Tweaking account lockout values can save money for your company by eliminating help desk calls for users' account lockouts. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Feb 09, 2004

Establishing secure Active Directory boundaries - Part 2

Part two of a tip on organizing your Active Directory trees as securely as possible. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Jun 25, 2007

Use RAID to increase write performance on three-drive arrays

On many small servers with RAID 5, you'll see the minimum three-drive array. Although read access on a three-drive array is faster than on a single drive, write performance is abysmal. If price is a consideration, ... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve Jun 07, 2005

Recovery programs fix OS mistakes

Who says you can't change your past? Between System Restore points in Windows and third-party products targeted to enterprises, you can fix unwanted OS changes. Continue Reading