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By Alex Barrett May 30, 2012

Zum idealen Verhältnis der Server-Konsolidierung in virtuellen Umgebungen

Bei der Server-Konsolidierung in virtuellen Umgebungen muss auf das richtige Verhältnis geachtet werden. Wir geben grundlegende Tipps. Continue Reading

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By Chris Moyer Jan 30, 2014

El modelo de cloud-burst ayuda a las empresas a impulsar la capacidad de cómputo

Un enfoque cloud-burst es ideal para compañías con mucha infraestructura existente, pero que necesitan añadir soporte para eventos de alto tráfico. Continue Reading


Jun 17, 2016


News Jan 28, 2010

The CISO role's keystones: Technology, business and risk

At a recent ISACA meeting, Vishal Salvi, HDFC Bank's CISO explained how technology, business and risk are transforming CISO roles. Here are some excerpts. Continue Reading


Manage Mar 23, 2009

HIPAA enforcement getting stronger

Agencies charged with enforcing HIPAA regulations have been slow to set policies for HIPAA compliance reviews and enforcement, but that's about to change. Part one of a series. Continue Reading


Get Started Nov 12, 2009

Enterprise document management FAQ: IT operations and compliance

Find answers and resources to frequently asked questions about the relationship of enterprise document management to IT operations and compliance. Continue Reading


By Mark Schlack News Feb 05, 2009

Economic downturn won't kill regulatory compliance projects

Regulatory compliance will remain a significant area of IT spending in 2009, despite widespread budget cutting, according to a new survey of senior IT managers. High on the compliance shopping list: backup, archive... Continue Reading


News Nov 06, 2009

Google adds Dashboard: Does transparency mean more online privacy?

Google supports national privacy law, introduces Web dashboard that will allow users to have more control over their online privacy settings for its services. Continue Reading


News Mar 17, 2010

Getting the most out of a barcode project

Manufacturers have a lot to look at when implementing barcodes into the warehouse. Barcode projects are expensive, but if done right, can pay off big. Continue Reading


News Aug 20, 2009

Inventory management benefits spur RFID adoption rates

The number of radio frequency identification (RFID) deployments by manufacturers has fluctuated in recent years. There are new uses and advances in RFID technology, but shrinking IT budgets and competition from ... Continue Reading