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Multi-cloud strategy: The next frontier for IT channel partners

By John Moore 11 Dec 2017

As customers increasingly embrace multi-cloud deployment, new opportunities are evolving for partners. Get insight and tips on offering multi-cloud management services. Read More

Workers should embrace robots, not fear them, says Labour deputy

By Karl Flinders 11 Dec 2017

Labour deputy leader to say workers need not fear robots taking their jobs, but welcome the opportunities they will bring Read More

Keep the cost of VDI in check

By Eddie Lockhart 11 Dec 2017

VDI costs are coming down thanks in large part to the growth of hyper-converged infrastructure and the availability of inexpensive thin clients and open source options. Read More

How does port swapping work to bypass two-factor authentication?

By Judith Myerson 11 Dec 2017

With a port swapping attack, hackers can bypass two-factor authentication and control a victim's mobile device. Judith Myerson explains how the attacks work and how to stop them. Read More

Government IT contracts: Are the new kids taking over the block?

By Lis Evenstad 11 Dec 2017

A new breed of SME supplier is challenging the reported status quo on government contracts and replacing the usual suspects. However, with distractions such as Brexit and GDPR, can David really take on Goliath? Read More

Tech Data steps up GDPR support

By Simon Quicke 11 Dec 2017

The GDPR regulations are moving ever closer and Tech Data has moved to make life easier for resellers trying to help customers Read More

Greenwave Systems ensures IoT interoperability with Axon platform

By Beth Stackpole 11 Dec 2017

For Greenwave, IoT differentiation involves carving an IoT niche with the promise of universal translation between different standards and protocols. Read More

Cloud-to-cloud backup: What it is and why you need it

By Stephen Pritchard 11 Dec 2017

Applications that run in the cloud are protected, but only so much. For full protection of data generated by cloud-based apps you need cloud-to-cloud backup Read More

Perth airport security plans stolen by Vietnamese hacker

By Warwick Ashford 11 Dec 2017

Australian authorities have named a Vietnamese hacker they say was able to break into the IT systems at Perth International Airport and steal security information Read More

Bumps in the road ahead for Nordic cashless societies

11 Dec 2017

Sweden and Norway are global leaders when it comes to reducing the use of cash in the economy – but what about the Nordic region as a whole? Read More