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By Jim Berkowitz Evaluate Aug 15, 2006

Evaluating Microsoft CRM for an SMB

Jim Berkowitz,'s midmarket expert, discusses pros and cons of Microsoft CRM for an SMB in this expert tip. Continue Reading


By Paul Greenberg Evaluate Aug 14, 2007

How to choose a consultant for a CRM software upgrade

Paul Greenberg advises a reader on the criteria to use when choosing a consultant for a CRM upgrade project. Continue Reading


By Michael Lowenstein Evaluate Nov 19, 2001


Evaluate May 04, 2009

Evaluating VoIP for your call center

Get help evaluating VoIP for your call center in this expert podcast. Find out about VoIP benefits and drawbacks, building a VoIP business case and using VoIP to connect remote call center agents. Continue Reading


By Jeff Kelly Evaluate Jul 17, 2008

Oracle updates its enterprise performance management system, details Hyperion integration

Oracle unveiled enhancements to its enterprise performance management system and detailed its Hyperion integration efforts. Continue Reading


Evaluate Dec 14, 2004


Evaluate Mar 01, 2009

How to improve the customer experience in 10 steps

Learn how to improve the customer experience with these ten customer experience initiatives any company can implement immediately. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 16, 2007

Calculating cost per call to evaluate outsourcers for outbound calls

If you're looking at outsourcing, there are a number of ways to calculate and pay for resources, according to Lori Bocklund. She talks about some of the common call center models in this expert tip. Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 09, 2005

Problems with SQL analyze tool

From the SQL analyze tool I am geting index unique scan of pk_ecode, which is the index name on employee table. Can you please explain why index unique scan is being used as step 1? Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 01, 2009

CRM software for small businesses: Top headlines

Find out what you need to know when evaluating CRM for small businesses in this special report. Learn about SaaS CRM, open source CRM and mobile CRM for SMBs. Continue Reading