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Manage Jul 27, 2009

Pietrylo case a cautionary Web 2.0 communications compliance failure

Enterprises must balance mitigation and respect for employee creativity and expression in Web 2.0 communications, while allowing for marketing and public relations. Continue Reading


Manage Apr 19, 2005

Corporate blogging builds customer loyalty, worker efficiency

Blogging can be a competitive edge for your company when used in the right ways, externally and internally. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Manage Jul 31, 2009

State data protection laws offer opportunity for proactive companies

Despite appearances, the Massachusetts data protection law does offer opportunities for those who act proactively. Continue Reading


By Cindy Atoji Manage Apr 04, 2007

CMS proves its ROI mettle

Once implemented successfully, a content management system not only improves organization and efficiency, but also pays for itself within a year and a half. Continue Reading


By Paul Gillin Manage Apr 27, 2006

Taking corporate openness to the next level

Some organizations are turning to social media formats to communicate with internal and external clients. But columnist Paul Gillin cautions that all this openness can leave you vulnerable to both positive and ... Continue Reading


Manage Sep 18, 2006

Blog rules, part 2: Best practices to keep you in business

Author Nancy Flynn of the ePolicy Institute offers the last five of her 10 best practices-based tips on how to make the most of corporate blogs. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 17, 2008

Seven steps to securing funding of your disaster recovery plan

Selling a disaster recovery plan to the CEO isn't an easy task. Follow these seven steps to secure funding for your company's disaster recovery plan. Continue Reading


Manage Oct 15, 2009

Data loss prevention technology matures but is still no cure-all

Data loss prevention technology shows signs of maturation and is proving to be flexible for meeting regulatory compliance mandates. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 27, 2009

Social media platforms demand a clear employee Internet use policy

Social media platforms make it easier than ever for employees to post information that could be harmful to your business. Here are some steps to take. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci Manage Jan 24, 2006

Huge ROI for CIO with online bidding system

CIO Nicholas Valadja and corporate vice president David Zimba aligned forces to create the sort of industry turnaround that IT execs dream about. Continue Reading