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By Baya Pavliashvili Manage Aug 06, 2007

Managing identity columns with replication in SQL Server

Managing identity columns with replicated tables in your SQL Server 2005 database requires some TLC. In these scenarios, see how to replicate tables with identity columns and also get options to manage identity ... Continue Reading


Manage Feb 21, 2007

Top 5 SQL Server query tips

SQL Server queries should guide you toward successful, trouble-free data retrieval. Our SQL Server experts have written tips on troubleshooting queries, to tips on how to run queries in Analysis Services. We've ... Continue Reading


By Hilary Cotter Manage Jul 26, 2005

15 SQL Server replication tips in 15 minutes

This list of tips and tricks will help you enhance your replication techniques. It is broken up into three groups: performance, monitoring and miscellaneous. Continue Reading


By Denny Cherry Manage Aug 28, 2007

Problems connecting to SQL Server via Enterprise Manager

Connection problems when trying to register a SQL Server instance through Enterprise Manager could trace back to client tools. Learn more about how to connect to Enterprise Manager. Continue Reading


By Denny Cherry Manage Aug 31, 2007

How to tune SQL Server query performance after upgrade

Still have slow queries after upgrading to SQL Server 2005? Learn how to performance tune your queries by rebuilding indexes and updating statistics. Continue Reading


Manage May 12, 2009

The difference between machine learning and statistics in data mining

Discover the difference between machine learning and statistics and find out how generalization as search can be a data mining tool. Learn about the bias of the search, including information on language bias, ... Continue Reading


Manage May 12, 2009

Simple data mining examples and datasets

See data mining examples, including examples of data mining algorithms and simple datasets, that will help you learn how data mining works and how companies can make data-related decisions based on set rules. Continue Reading


Manage Nov 28, 2007

Successful business intelligence: The role of BI front-end tools

Learn about the business intelligence front-end tools that are available to business users -- and how the right BI tool can lead to BI success. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 26, 2008

Business intelligence basics with Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007

Learn how Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007 can improve business intelligence (BI) and get familiar with BI basics, in this free book chapter download. Continue Reading


By Rick Sherman Manage Jun 30, 2005

Business intelligence strategy: IT is from Mars, business users are from Venus

When it comes to BI, columnist Rick Sherman says business users and IT groups suffer from relationship issues. Not to worry he says, the power user can be key to your BI success. Continue Reading