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News Aug 09, 2006

Ruggedized laptops boost productivity, survive tornado

Ruggedized notebooks are designed to take a beating, within reason, of course. Sears Holding Company has been using them for more than a decade. The previous model worked fine after a battle with Mother Nature. Continue Reading


News Aug 02, 2006

Mobile security starts with policy

Mobile security can no longer be an afterthought. Mobile experts say security starts, but doesn't end, with policy. Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Aug 21, 2006

Mobile workers push for smartphones

Road warriors may prefer smartphones over laptops and PDAs, but equipping your entire mobile workforce with this nifty tool may not be such a great idea. Continue Reading


By Linda Tucci News Aug 17, 2006

Battery recall has upside for Dell

After making the largest recall in computer history, could Dell actually come out of this ordeal looking better than ever? Continue Reading


By Bill Brenner News Aug 07, 2006

Wireless cards make notebooks easy targets for hackers

Black Hat: Experts say flawed wireless cards are an industry-wide notebook security problem, thanks to weak device drivers and vendors who ship products without proper testing. Continue Reading


By Shamus McGillicuddy News Aug 06, 2008

iPhone encryption is a must for the security-conscious enterprise

Apple is advertising the iPhone 3G as something that consumers can use at work. IT managers with high security requirements beg to differ. They want full device encryption and centralized policy enforcement before ... Continue Reading


By Jeff Kelly News Sep 15, 2008

Microsoft, IBM, others team up on enterprise content management standard

A group including Microsoft and IBM has developed an enterprise content management standard that could simplify the sharing of unstructured content. Continue Reading


By Jim Rendon News Sep 18, 2003

MIPI Alliance: Standards group or Nokia's pawn?

Nokia has been the driving force behind the budding MIPI Alliance standards group, but some believe the organization is merely Nokia's attempt to lock competitors out of the cellular handset industry. Continue Reading


By Jack E. Gold News Aug 10, 2009

Want mobile carrier openness? Be careful what you wish for!

What would happen if the carrier exclusivity that we've grown accustomed to for our mobile devices were to end? In this article, Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates looks at the pros and cons if exclusivity ... Continue Reading


News Feb 23, 2010

Don Burleson breaks down Oracle’s business intelligence strategy

Oracle consultant Don Burleson evaluates the job Oracle has done in pulling together its collection of business intelligence/performance management products into a cohesive Oracle BI strategy. Continue Reading