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By Chris Moyer Jan 30, 2014

El modelo de cloud-burst ayuda a las empresas a impulsar la capacidad de cómputo

Un enfoque cloud-burst es ideal para compañías con mucha infraestructura existente, pero que necesitan añadir soporte para eventos de alto tráfico. Continue Reading


By Barney Beal News Jun 28, 2007

Gartner: Customer service a six-step process

Companies that want to become more customer-centric need to view customer service as a set of connected processes not an individual event, one Gartner analyst says. Continue Reading


News Apr 14, 2004

FedEx delivers CRM

After several acquisitions and continued growth, the shipping giant absolutely, positively needed a better way to listen to its customers. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 07, 2006

Business intelligence (BI) planning: The complete project guide

Read this chapter excerpt for business intelligence (BI) best practices and tips on successful BI project planning. Continue Reading


Get Started Oct 04, 2006

10. Open source deployments

Learn the response to the tenth question in's exclusive open source CRM quiz. Read the answer and more detailed information on open source technology and vendors. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 14, 2003


By Mark Brunelli Problem Solve Apr 28, 2003

Demand for ATA disk drives expected to grow

New data-retention laws are pushing growth in the ATA disk market. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 22, 2003


By Johanna Ambrosio Evaluate Apr 14, 2003

Previewing 'smart' systems, part 2

Although full-fledged self-healing systems are still years away, there are some products and services that can help customers get started down that path today. Continue Reading


Problem Solve Apr 28, 2003