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By Steve Damadeo Evaluate Jul 27, 2015

How 2-in-1 tablets fit into the enterprise

Enterprise users who want to be freed from their PC but maintain that functionality can turn to the burgeoning 2-in-1 market. Continue Reading


By Clare McDonald Jul 10, 2015

Lotus Formula 1 gears up for racing with Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics tools drive the Lotus F1 team's data analytics in ratcheting the performance of its cars, engineers – and business Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jul 09, 2015

Cisco invests $1bn in UK skills and startups

Cisco commits to spending $1bn in the UK by 2020 to support the government’s digital plans following a meeting at 10 Downing Street Continue Reading


By John Hilliard ,Paul Kirvan ,Eric Slack Get Started Apr 16, 2015

The 4-1-1 on DR testing technologies and best practices

Experts agree that testing is one of the most important aspects of disaster recovery planning. It is the only way to ensure that you are able to bring systems back online to meet recovery time objectives and ... Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Get Started Jul 13, 2015

From SSL and early TLS to TLS 1.2: Creating a PCI DSS 3.1 migration plan

PCI DSS 3.1 requires enterprises to deplete SSL and early TLS use by June 30, 2016. Expert Michael Cobb offers advice for putting a migration plan to TLS 1.2 in place. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Jul 10, 2015

OPM hackers stole 21.5 million records, 1.1 million fingerprints

Investigators for the OPM data breach find that 21.5 million personal records were stolen in the attack, including 1.1 million fingerprints. The White House is still considering its response. Continue Reading


Jan 26, 2015


By Clare McDonald Aug 03, 2015

MoD shells out £1.5bn on two IT contracts

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) signs two IT contracts costing more than £1bn, which it hopes will save money over the next 10 years Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Get Started May 20, 2015

How do I build Apportals in Windows 8.1?

Windows Apportals let you put the applications certain user groups need right in front of them, but you need some development knowledge and a Windows Developer License if you want to build them yourself. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate May 20, 2015

What options exist for customizing the Windows 8.1 taskbar?

If you made changes or personalizations to your taskbar in Windows 7, you'll be happy to learn that many of the same customization options are available for the Windows 8.1 taskbar. Continue Reading