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Win10 Full Flash Update

By Ed Tittel 15 Nov 2017

Full Flash Update's FFUTOOL.exe works with DISM to apply Windows images to target drives (and PCs) faster and more reliably than either WIM or VHD. Read More

Fixing Black Win10 Desktop

By Ed Tittel 03 Nov 2017

Every now and then my Win10 desktop goes black. That means I've learned that fixing black Win10 Desktop is easy. Here's how. Read More

Win10 ISO Mount Trick

By Ed Tittel 25 Oct 2017

When double-clicking an ISO file in Windows Explorer fails to mount it as a virtual disk drive, a Win10 ISO mount trick is necessary (and described herein). Read More

FAQ: Windows 10 virtual desktops

By Eddie Lockhart 18 Oct 2017

Whether or not to virtualize Windows 10 desktops is a big choice. Built-in features, such as Microsoft User Experience Virtualization and App-V, make it easier. Read More

Win10 Build 1709 Unleashed

By Ed Tittel 17 Oct 2017

With the Win10 Build 1709 unleashed on 10/17/17, there's no reason for IT pros not to grab and install a copy so they can kick the tires and start thinking about migration. Read More

Why should IT virtualize Windows 10?

By Theresa Miller 16 Aug 2017

There are several key benefits to virtualizing Windows 10, including making the entire deployment process easier and simplifying patch management. Read More

Adguard Offers Win10 ISO Alternative

By Ed Tittel 11 Dec 2017

Adguard offers Win10 ISO alternative source for downloads, and includes evaluations and MS Office ISOs as well. Read More