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Consultant's 15 Salesforce certifications about more than pay

By Albert McKeon 31 Oct 2017

Chris Gardner has 15 certifications and plans on getting more. While that's paying off for his bottom line, he says, they can also help give clients peace of mind. Read More

Get ready for iOS 11- Friday Notebook, September 15

By Jack Madden 15 Sep 2017

Also including VMworld Europe, MobileIron Cloud, XenMobile 10.7, the “Mobile Authentication Task Force,” Mike Nelson, Theresa Miller, and more. Read More

Oracle Q2 2017-18 results see cloud revenue grow to $1.5bn

By Brian McKenna 15 Dec 2017

Oracle’s second-quarter 2017-18 results show an increase in cloud revenue of 44%, and overall growth of 4% to $9.6bn. Executives are bullish against competition, buoyed by artificial intelligence makeover of ... Read More

Friday Notebook, December 15: Citrix is optimistic; Igel and deviceTRUST; Cog Systems funding

By BrianMadden.com Editorial ,Jack Madden ,Gabe Knuth 15 Dec 2017

Also: Apple software quality, secure remote browsers, Android enterprise enrollment using Knox, and more. Read More

Toshiba says enterprise demand remains for 15,000 rpm HDD

By Carol Sliwa 03 Jul 2017

Tape isn't dead, and neither are 15,000 rpm enterprise hard disk drives. Not yet, at least. Toshiba recently began shipping a new AL14SX Series of 15,000 rpm HDD products designed for ... Read More

How to improve the customer experience in 15 steps

28 Oct 2016

Learn how to improve the customer experience with these 15 customer experience initiatives any company can implement. Read More

Is Citrix XenApp / XenDesktop 7.15 the last version you'll roll out yourself?

By Gabe Knuth 25 Sep 2017

With XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15, Citrix has released an LTSR build that they'll support well beyond 2022. Will this be the last on-premises platform you deploy? Read More

NotPetya attack cost up to £15m, says UK ad agency WPP

By Warwick Ashford 25 Sep 2017

Advertising giant was one of many companies hit in June 2017 by malware distributed through Ukrainian accounting software Read More

Brits expect driverless cars to outnumber normal cars in 15 years

By Karl Flinders 18 May 2017

Survey shows 42% of people think autonomous vehicles will make roads safer, but 46% admit they would not feel safe as a passenger in a driverless vehicle Read More