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By Paul Kirvan Manage Jan 28, 2016

15 field-proven disaster recovery test plan best practices

Disaster recovery tests require a lot of preparation, but they are essential to a proper DR strategy. This checklist will help your organization before, during and after DR testing. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Nov 11, 2015

Updates Galore on 11/10/15, but No Build 10586!

Looking at my update history on my Windows 10 production PC this morning, I see a whole slew of updates hit the wire yesterday for that OS, but so far there's no sign of a Threshold 2 release ... Continue Reading


By George Crump Manage Jul 27, 2015

Data restoration in less than 15 minutes

To reduce data restoration times, backup products are integrating with a storage system's snapshot function to implement copy data management. Continue Reading


By Sonia Lelii News Aug 14, 2015

Infrascale develops 15-minute disaster recovery appliance

Infrascale's Cloud Failover Appliance is designed for small businesses that need a disaster recovery plan and can't afford a second site. Continue Reading


By Caroline Donnelly Jan 14, 2016

Southend-on-Sea Council embarks on £1.5m hybrid cloud datacentre refresh

Local authority says hybrid cloud datacentre plans will pave the way for greater use of services offered via G-Cloud framework Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Oct 02, 2015

15 million T-mobile customers hit by Experian hack

Millions of T-Mobile customers are believed to be affected by a data breach at Experian, but it reportedly only affects people in the US who were credit-checked in the past two years Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Dec 03, 2015


By Clare McDonald Aug 03, 2015

MoD shells out £1.5bn on two IT contracts

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) signs two IT contracts costing more than £1bn, which it hopes will save money over the next 10 years Continue Reading


By Bryan Glick Jul 21, 2015

Software audits cut government IT bill by £85m in 2014/15

Annual accounts for the government purchasing agency show at least £220m in technology related savings Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Jul 06, 2015