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Jul 23, 2004

Microsoft revenue climbs 15%

Microsoft has reported a 15% increase in revenue for the final quarter of its 2004 financial year. Continue Reading


By Mich Talebzadeh Problem solve Oct 16, 2006

Sybase ASE 15 diagram

Sybase expert Mich Talebzadeh has created a diagram of Sybase ASE 15's architecture for those who need a quick reference. Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 18, 2008

GPOADmin 1.5

GPOADmin 1.5 from Quest Software extends capabilities of Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) to help streamline and automate critical tasks and provide enhanced auditing, version control and reporting ... Continue Reading


Sep 25, 2002

Somerfield saves 15% on comms

Supermarket chain Somerfield has reduced its telecoms costs by 15% since outsourcing its communications infrastructure in a £50m... Continue Reading


By Antony Savvas Dec 05, 2007

SMS celebrates 15th birthday

The company that sent the first SMS mobile text message is celebrating the technology's 15th birthday. Continue Reading


By Evan Marcus Sep 20, 2002

Tips for the everyday admin -- #15

Tips for the everyday admin -- #15 Continue Reading


Get started Dec 08, 2005

Managing Lotus Domino servers -- 15 tips in 15 minutes

Learn 15 tips on Domino server management, including how to analyze activity data, apply policies to users, automate server tasks, enable transaction logging, define a backup process, set up authentication and much... Continue Reading


Manage Oct 13, 2005

Managing recipients and distribution lists -- 15 tips in 15 minutes

Take a look inside "Learning Exchange Server 2003," with this collection of 15 tips excerpted from Chapter 5, "Managing recipients and distribution lists." Author William Boswell uses screen shots, diagrams and ... Continue Reading


By Tash Shifrin Aug 07, 2006

World wide web is 15 years old

The world wide web has quietly passed its 15th anniversary. Continue Reading


By Jonathan Hassell Problem solve Dec 15, 2005

15 steps to hardening Windows Server 2003

Learn 15 steps you can take right now to harden Windows Server 2003 against various threats Continue Reading