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By Karl Flinders Jun 03, 2014

Councils spent less than 1% of IT budget on G-Cloud

Less than 1% of the £440m spent on IT by 26 county councils was invested in services on the G-Cloud public sector app store, says IT supplier Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott May 01, 2013

4G to bring in $1tn for mobile operators

A study from Juniper Research predicts mobile providers will make $1tn from 4G services over the next five years Continue Reading


By Kayleigh Bateman Mar 18, 2013


By Caroline Baldwin Oct 22, 2013

1.2m 4G customers increase EE’s data revenues

EE has announced a total of 1.2m 4G users in its latest financial results. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Apr 27, 2015

EE UK 4G coverage hits 87%, but revenues decline

EE expands the reach and customer base of its 4G mobile network, but reports a 1.1% contraction in revenue in its first-quarter financial results Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Mar 25, 2013

4G take-up could boost online retail market by £1.8bn, says eBay

eBay claims 4G mobile connectivity could boost the UK mobile retail sector by £1.8bn in a year as more consumers shop on their smartphones Continue Reading


By Jennifer Scott Nov 12, 2012

Ofcom sets date for £1.3bn 4G frequency spectrum auction

The application deadline for mobile operators to bid for 4G frequencies is set for 11 December 2012 as Ofcom finalises the spectrum auction rules Continue Reading


By Warwick Ashford Jun 08, 2012

Apple faces £1.43m fine in Australian 4G iPad case

Apple has agreed to pay a £1.43m fine for misleading Australians about the 4G capacity of its latest iPad in a case brought by the national consumer watchdog Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan Manage Sep 02, 2009

G1: Changes due in garbage collection for JVMs

The Java community continues to push ahead on the garbage collection front today. The "Garbage-first" G1 garbage collector in Sun's Java HotSpot VM 14.0 is an example. As described by Jeremy Manson, programmer, ... Continue Reading


By Jessica Scarpati News Sep 17, 2009

Copper, T1s not backhaul options for 4G wireless operators

Whether wireless operators choose microwave backhaul as their primary network or as a supplement to a fiber optics network, one thing is becoming clear: Copper lines and T1s won't be enough to support data-heavy ... Continue Reading