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Aug 16, 2012

VMworld 2012 expert predictions

Thousands of IT pros will head to VMworld 2012 in a few weeks, but what can they expect to see? Our Advisory Board members discuss their predictions. Continue Reading


By Mike Laverick Problem solve Aug 03, 2012

vNews – The Olympic 2012 Special

vNews – The Olympic 2012 Special Continue Reading


Jul 24, 2012

Women in Technology Survey 2012

Mortimer Spinks discusses the results of the joint Women in Technology 2012 survey, conducted with Computer Weekly Continue Reading


Evaluate Jan 06, 2012

The cloud market in 2012: Through the eyes of experts

Do your enterprise cloud plans align with industry strategies? What cloud developments can we expect in 2012? Our experts predict on this year's cloud landscape. Continue Reading


By Kathleen Hall Jan 30, 2013

Amazon sales soar in 2012

Amazon sales rose 27% to $61bn (£39bn) in its 2012 results and 22% in its 2012 fourth quarter revenues to $21.27bn, compared with 2011 Continue Reading


By Carol Sliwa Feb 13, 2013

Microsoft Corp. Windows Server 2012

Microsoft Corp. Windows Server 2012 features SMB 3.0, the Resilient File System, Storage Spaces and Hyper-V Replica disaster recovery. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran Mar 07, 2012

Microsoft readies SQL Server 2012

On 1 April, Microsoft releases SQL Server 2012, its relational database server updated to support big data and improved business intelligence Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 22, 2011

Server virtualization predictions for 2012

It’s that time of the year. Our advisory board members offer their server virtualization predictions for 2012. (Hint: They mention cloud computing.) Continue Reading


News May 02, 2012

IBM Impact conference coverage 2012

IBM Impact 2012 in Las Vegas brings IT pros from all over the world together to talk about trends in BPM, cloud computing and of course SOA. Continue Reading


By Jenny Williams Jan 07, 2011

Facebook IPO expected early 2012

Facebook is preparing to sell stock through an initial public offering (IPO) in 2012, according to a document published by the social networking company.... Continue Reading