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By Stephen J. Bigelow Get Started Oct 30, 2015

What's new with App-V 5.0 SP3?

What are some of the hardware and software requirements for App-V deployment? What are some of the changes in App-V 5.0 SP3? Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Nov 02, 2015

Cryptowall 3.0 reported to cost victims $325 million

A new report analyzed Cryptowall 3.0 ransomware attacks and found that it may have cost victims $325 million and that money may be going to a single source. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Oct 29, 2015

SwiftStack 3.0 object storage software gains feature parity

The SwiftStack 3.0 upgrade adds an active secondary controller, as well as lets users mix and match erasure coding and RAID data protection schemes within a cluster. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz News Oct 15, 2015

Datagres ready to launch PerfAccel 3.0 caching software

Datagres PerfAccel resides on a host server to examine application I/O access patterns at the file system level and boost the performance of underlying storage. Continue Reading


By Jan Stafford News Jul 07, 2015

Clusterpoint 3.0 NoSQL cloud database service targets developers

Learn why Clusterpoint's new 3.0 NoSQL database technology is our editors' choice for innovation for July 2015. Continue Reading


By Jack Vaughan News Sep 30, 2015

MongoDB 3.0 rides WiredTiger engine to boost database speeds

The latest version of MongoDB finds the NoSQL database running on a new WiredTiger storage engine. Better performance and data compression are among MongoDB 3.0's touted benefits. Continue Reading


By Mike Chapple Get Started Apr 29, 2015

The optional PCI DSS 3.0 requirements are about to become mandatory

Organizations need to review the PCI DSS 3.0 requirements and prepare for the mandatory changes coming in June 2015. Expert Mike Chapple explains how to prepare for the deadline. Continue Reading


By Garry Kranz May 06, 2015

EMC offers Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0

EMC said the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud upgrade tightens integration with VMware and enables customers to stand up hybrid cloud in less than one month. Continue Reading


Evaluate Sep 19, 2014

Social business evolves to 3.0?

Some experts say social business is dead. But others say it's entering its third chapter of better data insight. Continue Reading


Get Started Feb 20, 2015

What changes are businesses experiencing under PCI DSS version 3.0?

New compliance requirements under PCI DSS version 3.0 strive to make cardholder data security part of companies' everyday business processes. Continue Reading