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By Paul Crocetti News Feb 11, 2016

Druva inSync 5.5

Druva inSync 5.5 endpoint backup software stands out with its proactive compliance, cloud app integration, full text search and cloud privacy framework. Continue Reading


By Antone Gonsalves News Aug 26, 2016

AT&T seeks collaborators on 5G technology

AT&T's partner approach to deploying 5G technology is seen as significantly different from rival Verizon's work with vendor engineering teams. Continue Reading


By Robert Sheldon Evaluate Aug 25, 2016

What's new with HTML5 mobile app development?

HTML5 makes mobile app development easier. Updates to the language such as audio and video improvements and better integration with JavaScript make it even more appealing. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Aug 18, 2016

BT and Nokia to work together on 5G research

BT and Nokia plan to work together on customer use cases, proof of concept trials, technology standards and equipment to support 5G Continue Reading


By Adam Bertram Get Started Mar 28, 2016

How to upgrade to PowerShell 5

PowerShell version 5 is the most recent iteration of the scripting language and offers new features from previous versions. Admins can upgrade to the new version in a few steps. Continue Reading


Jul 28, 2016

MI5 accused of compromising security court

Judges at the UK's most secret court were persuaded not to disclose the existence of secret intrusive data on the population after briefings and lunch with MI5's deputy director general Continue Reading


By Adrian Bridgwater May 13, 2016


By Cliff Saran Apr 14, 2016


By Fred Churchville News Jan 22, 2016

There's something about HTML5...

Developers are raving about HTML5 - but why? And is it all it's cracked up to be? Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Evaluate Jun 13, 2016

How Android 5 security compares to other mobile OSes

Do the significant improvements made by Google to Android 5 security mean Android devices are ready for enterprise use? Learn how Android stacks up against other mobile OS. Continue Reading