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By Carol Sliwa News Feb 11, 2015

VMware Virtual SAN 5.5

VMware's Virtual SAN shares the bronze medal with Scality's Ring 5.0 in the 2014 Products of the Year storage system software category. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 25, 2015

Book excerpt: How to get started with SAPUI5

An expert explains how to start off on the right foot with SAPUI5, with step-by-step advice for setting up the SAPUI5 library and development environment. Continue Reading


By Alex Scroxton Jun 22, 2015

5G networks could hit 20Gbps by 2020

At a meeting in California, the International Telecommunication Union sets out its vision for the future of 5G networking Continue Reading


By Gabe Knuth Evaluate Apr 07, 2015

Will anyone buy Moka5?

Client-side virtualization company Moka5 has laid off most of its staff, and word is that the company is looking to be acquired. Because of overlap, VMware and Citrix are non-factors, which leaves companies like ... Continue Reading


By Billy MacInnes Jun 08, 2015

Press 5 if you want to speak to a human

With the spotlight on customer service Billy MacInnes bemoans the delays that customers can face navigating through automated phone systems Continue Reading


By David Nikel Jun 08, 2015

Swedish mines to benefit from 5G technology

5G technology is helping the Swedish mining industry modernise Continue Reading


By Craig Mathias Evaluate Mar 09, 2015

Advent of 2.5, 5 Gigabit Ethernet switches roiling market

Faster wireless has opened the market for a new breed of switches. Expert Craig Mathias will tell you what you need to know. Continue Reading


By Margaret Jones Evaluate Dec 16, 2014

Pitfalls of HTML5 clients

Using an HTML5 client to access a virtual desktop isn't for everyone. Workers who need high-resolution graphics or use Web apps that require local access could experience decreased performance. Continue Reading


By Katherine Finnell News Feb 25, 2015

Where 5G technology is headed and when

The 5G technology standard is under development as the Internet of Things and an increasing number of mobile users create demand for next-generation wireless infrastructure. Continue Reading


By George Lawton Evaluate Apr 29, 2015

How elegant code can hurt HTML5 performance

Elegant code can lead to cleaner, precise steps. But it can also lead to application performance bottlenecks, argues Mozilla's Andreas Gal. Continue Reading