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By Alan R. Earls Aug 15, 2001

A bit on 64 bits

An industry perspective on two 64-bit SAN products. Continue Reading


Manage Dec 12, 2002

Insert more than 64K in a field

This tip describes how to insert more than 64K into a field. Continue Reading


Aug 26, 2004

Virus targets AMD64

Symantec's security response experts have discovered the first proof-of-concept virus targeting AMD64, the W64.Shruggle.1318.... Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Problem Solve Jul 21, 2005

The lowdown on 64-bit

We look at the architectures of Intel's and AMD's 64-bit processors, and analyze the pros and cons of each in the Windows world. Continue Reading


News Jun 28, 2006

64-bit Watch

We've assembled this reference guide to show you which 64-bit processors are available now for the hardware in your Windows network. Continue Reading


By Ian Grant May 05, 2009

Global network traffic up 64%

International communications traffic grew 64% in 2008, spurring investment in network capacity despite the recession, according to data from TeleGeography's... Continue Reading


Feb 11, 2005

The road to 64-bit computing

Intel reveals its strategy for easing the migration path from 32-bit to 64-bit systems along with news of a common platform for... Continue Reading


By Gary Olsen Manage Aug 29, 2007

When and how to migrate to a 64-bit platform

It's time to get educated on the technical aspects of 64-bit so you can make informed business decisions on how to take advantage of this powerful technology. Continue Reading


Jun 17, 2008

Getting familiar with 64-bit technology

In this webcast, systems software engineer Gary Olsen provides a detailed introduction to 64-bit technology. Here you'll learn about the key memory issues involved with 64-bit, as well as the decision points to be ... Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran May 03, 2005

Microsoft heralds start of 64-bit revolution with Win x64 launch

Microsoft predicts most PCs and servers will be 64-bit by the end of 2006 l Windows x64 will improve the performance of 32-bit... Continue Reading