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By Rene Millman Jun 25, 2015

ARM wrestles its way into the datacentre with the help of 64-bit chips

Intel x86 technology has traditionally ruled the datacentre roost, but could the power consumption benefits of ARM 64-bit systems change all that? Continue Reading


Aug 16, 2016

Understanding behavioural detection of antivirus

This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series analyses the effectiveness and behaviour of 32-bit and 64-bit antivirus software in Windows 7. Continue Reading


By Jim Mortleman Jan 29, 2014

ARM aims at Intel’s stronghold with 64-bit standard

Intel hopes new baseline standard for ARM v8 chips will help it flex its muscles in the datacentre Continue Reading


By Stephen J. Bigelow Problem Solve Jan 30, 2013

Clearing up questions about 64-bit ARM processors

Emerging 64-bit ARM processors are headed to the data center and may enable a new wave of scalable, energy-efficient enterprise-class computing. Continue Reading


By Erin Watkins News Jan 31, 2013

Qualcomm enters 64-bit ARM chip fray

Chip manufacturing giant Qualcomm has listed job openings for ARMv8 engineers, which makes it the latest vendor to show interest in building 64-bit processors with ARM's latest design. Though ... Continue Reading


By Dave Raffo News Oct 03, 2016

Kaleao sticks an ARM into hyper-convergence

Kaleao gambles that customers will buy its KMAX hyper-convergence; it favors 64-bit ARM processors and microvisors, rather than x86 hardware and traditional hypervisors. Continue Reading


By Christophe Bardy Jan 29, 2014

AMD lève le voile sur l'Opteron A1100 sa première puce serveurs ARM 64 bit

Durant l'Open Compute Summit, AMD a levé le voile sur l'Opteron A1100, une puce octo coeurs ARM 64bit. Il s'est aussi rallié au standard SBSA qui vise à standardiser les serveurs ARM 64 bit. Continue Reading


By Serdar Yegulalp Problem Solve Nov 22, 2011

Why 32-bit Microsoft apps persist on 64-bit Windows desktops

While Microsoft’s latest server products are 64-bit, Windows desktop apps come in 32- and 64-bit versions. In some cases -- such as Outlook 2010 -- the old 32-bit version wins. Continue Reading


By Cliff Saran News Jun 07, 2016

HPE has its day in court, only years too late

HPE's complaint against Oracle is about some pretty old technology. Years ago, HP, as it was then called, worked with Intel to develop a new range of native 64-bit microprocessors, the Itanium. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Jul 27, 2010

64-bit approaches parity with 32-bit versions for Windows 7

Here's an interesting table from CNET that reports on the 64-bit installed Windows base vis-v-vis 32-bit versions by OS for Windows 7, Vista, and XP: It certainly looks like the ability to access ... Continue Reading