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News Mar 26, 2015

Award finalists Vidyo, Unify, 8x8 ramp up innovation

Wearables technology, collaboration software and phone call analytics products showcase the current depth of offerings in the unified communications market. Continue Reading


By Gina Narcisi News Feb 16, 2015

8x8 VoIP services now guaranteed over public Internet

A new SLA guarantees 8x8 VoIP services 99.9% of the time, even for services delivered via the public Internet. Continue Reading


Evaluate Apr 14, 2015

A Windows 8.1 tablet that fits life and work

There are plenty of Windows 8.1 tablets to choose from, but they're not all the same. The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with AnyPen can withstand abuse and has all-day battery life. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Apr 10, 2015

What are my options for configuring Windows 8 startup?

The System Configuration tool features four tabs of options you can use to configure Windows 8 startup. Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Evaluate Apr 06, 2015

What are the Windows Phone 8.1 security improvements?

Microsoft hardened its Windows 8.1 update to make it enterprise- and government-worthy. Expert Michael Cobb outlines the new and improved features. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Oct 03, 2014

Transitioning to Java 8

At JavaOne, the vice president of Java development at Oracle opened up about Java 8 trends and expectations. Continue Reading


By George Lawton News Sep 30, 2014

The highlights of Java EE 8

At JavaOne 2014, the latest features and upgrades of Java EE 8 were highlighted. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Evaluate Apr 24, 2015

Why Android 5.0 doesn't measure up to iOS 8 security

Google is closing the gap on Apple when it comes to mobile OS security, but Android is still more vulnerable to malware and corporate data loss than iOS. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Evaluate Apr 21, 2015

When is it OK to run Hyper-V on the desktop in Windows 8?

Running Hyper-V on the desktop is generally not a good idea, but it can be appropriate at times, such as when users must do their Web browsing within a Hyper-V virtual machine for security purposes. Continue Reading


By Lisa Phifer Evaluate Apr 20, 2015

Comparing iOS 8 vs. Android 5.0 for enterprise use

The standardization provided in iOS makes it easier to manage than Android, but Google is quickly catching up with new features such as Android for Work. Continue Reading