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Nov 25, 2015

Healthcare Data Access Compliance

Concurrent logins, manual logoffs, password sharing and the lack of unique logins are putting patient records at risk, according to this research paper by IS Decisions. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Manage Dec 28, 2015

How to set up a virtual desktop access policy

For happy users and safe VDI, IT should set up an acceptable use policy that limits the number and type of devices users can connect to their virtual desktops with. Continue Reading


By Eamon McCarthy Earls News Feb 11, 2016

Fixed wireless access suffers poor perceptions

This week, bloggers discuss fixed wireless access, IoT security challenges and living with the Border Gateway Protocol in data center fabrics. Continue Reading


By Sue Troy Evaluate Dec 28, 2015

Organic data growth and gaining access to the data

Find out how organic data growth has created a hybrid data architecture, the difficulties in providing access to data in those systems, and how a data lake fits into the equation. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Evaluate Oct 16, 2015

Manage AWS access to control security

AWS administrators can establish encryption keys and user and S3 policies to protect unwanted access to cloud resources. Continue Reading


By Michael Heller News Dec 08, 2015

Temporary workers cause access management troubles over the holidays

A new report showed that while retail companies are confident in their security, many use bad access-management practices with temporary workers brought in for the holiday season. Continue Reading


By Rob Shapland Evaluate Dec 02, 2015

How the cloud access security broker space is evolving

The cloud access security broker space is accelerating at a fast clip, but expert Rob Shapland explains some obstacles for enterprises to consider before selecting a CASB platform. Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel News Nov 30, 2015

Windows Administrivia: The Case of the Missing BIOS Access

As is often the case on a holiday weekend, I like to tinker with my PCs. This Thanksgiving weekend, I found myself wanting to access the BIOS on my production PC with its Gigabyte X77X-UD3H ... Continue Reading


By Alan R. Earls Manage Nov 16, 2015

AWS cloud access control falls on IT's shoulders

Restricting access to resources and closely governing permissions are solid practices in constructing a secure AWS cloud. While AWS provides tools, admins need to do the legwork. Continue Reading


By Ernie Hayden Problem Solve Nov 16, 2015

Manage vendor access for industrial control systems security

Industrial control systems should be securely managed by the enterprise, specifically when vendors need access to them. Here are some ways to handle industrial control systems security. Continue Reading