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access: Access is simply being able to get to what you need.

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By Paul Crocetti Evaluate Jul 26, 2016

Implementing cloud recovery services: Take advantage of accessibility

Cloud disaster recovery is a boon for SMBs and other businesses that may have previously been scared off by the cost and complexity of DR. Just use caution in picking a provider. Continue Reading


By Randy Kerns News Jul 22, 2016

RDMA over Fabrics: a big step for SSD access

Shared storage access for servers has been the most basic requirement for storage networks. Performance demands for multiple systems accessing data continually increase due to improvements in ... Continue Reading


By Kurt Marko Manage Jul 12, 2016

Tips and tools to manage Azure roles, access controls

Azure Resource Manager has a complete, but complex, set of role-based access controls that let admins create policies to manage who can access Azure cloud services. Continue Reading


By Brien Posey Get Started Jul 07, 2016

How do I configure wireless access on Windows devices?

Users connect their Windows devices to wireless networks outside the office when they're on the go. This lets them be productive, but it might be something IT administrators want to control. Continue Reading


By Bridget Botelho News Jul 07, 2016

Data science as a service provides instant access to analysts

Data scientists are in high demand, but in such scarce supply that some companies outsource their data for analysis. DataScience Inc. CEO Ian Swanson explains how it works. Continue Reading


By Gerie Owen Manage Jun 23, 2016

Why you need to start thinking about accessibility testing today

With 19% of Americans reporting some kind of disability, accessibility testing is increasingly important. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to get started. Continue Reading


By Lee Badman Evaluate Jun 22, 2016

High-speed wireless access: Fact or fiction?

High-speed wireless access is all the rage, but one user cautions against buying into the 802.11ac hype. Yes, it's progress, but not as much as you might think. Continue Reading


By Dan Sullivan Manage Mar 29, 2016

'Federated' identity and access management tools

Federated identity management has clear security advantages. Learn ways to use Microsoft's AD FS and AWS AD Connector as identity and access management tools in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey Mar 23, 2016

How to manage IT access for external users

Identity and access management has extended from being solely an internal IT management process to focus on external business engagement too Continue Reading


By Michael Cobb Problem Solve Jun 01, 2016

How do mandatory access control and application sandboxing differ?

Mandatory access control and application sandboxing both offer layers of security through controlling access to system resources. Expert Michael Cobb explains what sets each apart. Continue Reading