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access: Access is simply being able to get to what you need.

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By Dan Sullivan Manage Mar 29, 2016

'Federated' identity and access management tools

Federated identity management has clear security advantages. Learn ways to use Microsoft's AD FS and AWS AD Connector as identity and access management tools in the cloud. Continue Reading


By Bob Tarzey Mar 23, 2016

How to manage IT access for external users

Identity and access management has extended from being solely an internal IT management process to focus on external business engagement too Continue Reading


By Reda Chouffani Manage Apr 25, 2016

Power BI tools make actionable data accessible to all

Microsoft Power BI provides data insights for executives, line-of-business workers and data analysts alike. Here's an overview of what it can do for each type of user. Continue Reading


By Tracee Herbaugh News Apr 14, 2016

Aerohive releases more flexible Wave 2 access points

Aerohive's latest Wave 2 access points are aimed at companies looking for higher speeds on existing Power over Ethernet infrastructure. Continue Reading


Nov 25, 2015

Healthcare Data Access Compliance

Concurrent logins, manual logoffs, password sharing and the lack of unique logins are putting patient records at risk, according to this research paper by IS Decisions. Continue Reading


By Dejan Lukan ,Dan Sullivan ,Dave Shackleford Evaluate Mar 25, 2016

Three perspectives on cloud identity and access management

Identity access management (IAM) systems work to help keep security high by initiating, capturing, recording and managing user identities and access permissions. Cloud identity and access management systems can ... Continue Reading


By Ed Tittel Evaluate Mar 21, 2016

Console, data access most important in endpoint management tools

Every IT shop has different needs when it comes to endpoint management tools. Although feature and console requirements may differ, all tools must provide users with the access they need. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo Manage Mar 18, 2016

How to balance access needs and mobile data security concerns

Mobile workers need to access corporate data, but giving them open access is often easier said than done. Businesses must balance users' wants with mobile data security concerns. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo Manage Mar 18, 2016

Three ways to help users access mobile data

There's no shortage of enterprise file sync-and-sharing services available to provide mobile data access, but they're not the only option, and they're not right for every organization. Continue Reading


By Steve Damadeo Get Started Mar 18, 2016

Make mobile data access and security top priorities

Information is king for today's workers, but it isn't always as easy as it should be to access mobile data. Businesses must also consider mobile data security. Continue Reading